Il y a 2 jours sortait la nouvelle version de RockNES, le meilleur émulateur de NES pour dos, avec un paquet de nouveautés:

– Fixed the unreported (!) broken pAPU stereo sound effect;
– Fixed pAPU sound driver, correct reset and envelope/sweep emulation;
– Fixed pAPU volume levels to something near enough;
– Added pAPU volume decay for the mixed sample output;
– The fast forward now silents the sound output;
– Fixed FDS state loading, plus its IRQ disk timing (or almost);
– Fixed PRG-ROM/WorkRAM data identification on bank 3 (savestates);
– Changed nametable/color RAMs to be saved in a separated tagged block (NAM),
hence older RSx states are no more compatible;
– Fixed a bug in the disassembler (relative branch address);
– In the disassembler window, the actual CPU bank was incorrectly set;
– Added ability to disassemble CPU 5000h-7FFFh regions;
– A couple of CPU fixes, such as IRQs, and a few opcodes now parsed as NOP;
– PPU timing tweaked once again, and rendering slightly optimized;
– Fixed two PPU rendering bugs (of max. fine x-scroll value and color ram);
– NMI timing tweaked once again, might be imperfect though;
– Changed sprite DMA transfer behaviour on 4014h writes;
– Removed mappers 6, 8 and 17 support (hacked stuff, gone nowadays);
– Improved VRCVI/MMC5/mapper91 IRQ timing;
– Fixed frame-IRQ somewhat (sound in Dragon Quest games is okay again);
– Fixed a bug saving files (filename related);
– Fixed stretched blitter plot (`-blitter 4` option in the rocknes.INI file);
– Removed that vsync option for a while;
– Mouse pointer fixed to start at GUI bar, instead of screen centered;
– Changed `ROM cheat` label to `ROM patch` for your best safeness;
– Up to date unzip code/ZLIB library;
– Added a few C tweaks to speed up the emulation a bit;
– PPU frame rendering optimized;
– Optimized filters Pixelated and EAGLE, hence a very nice speed up;
– Usual minor fixes and cosmetic changes.

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