Nouvelle release de cet émulateur Game Boy / GBC, la grosse news étant un effet graphique d’ombre supporté (voir le gif animé que j’ai fait pour vous)

– In SGB mode, up to 4 players can be supported
– Support of the game « Gameboy Camera » (without the camera functions)
– Per-game configuration such that each game can have its own custom palettes (GB only), key mapping, etc.
– Support Gameboy Printer.
– Emulate the incompatibility problems when running Gameboy mono games in GBC mode.
– Support an experimental graphics effect: shadow. See the following screen shots:

Télécharger KiGB (Dos) 2.03 (426,3 Ko)

Télécharger KiGB (Win) 2.05 (440,2 Ko)

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