Ipher ayant des petits problèmes avec son site, c’est pagefault qui nous propose une nouvelle version WIP de ZSNES. Voici les changements :

– You can now set paths for various files in the GUI (many thanks to Nach for his hard work, give him a pat on the back)
– SameGame and SuperFami Turbo (1 game only currently) now work, set your BIOS in the paths window
– Support for SD Gundam G-Next addon cart (set in paths box)
– 60hz Option is now fixed, use -6 on the command line.
– Timing changes, a bit more accuracy
– 5 joysticks now work in the windows port (please give me feedback)
– Config file corruption fixed
– Lots of numerous crashing bugs fixed
– SPC RAM initalization fixed (fixes Super Panic Bomber World and others)
– Fixed an SRAM issue
– Some other stuff I forgot to mention

* Faites attention de bien éffacer les fichiers ZSNESW.CFG & ZGUIDATW.DAT de l’ancienne version. PS : Pas de build dos pour le moment.

Télécharger iDeaS v1.0.4.0 (241,0 Ko)

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