DS4Windows est un programme portable qui vous permet d’obtenir la meilleure expérience lors de l’utilisation d’un DualShock 4 sur votre PC, en émulant un contrôleur Xbox 360, beaucoup de jeux deviennent alors accessibles.
– Have app ignore embedded color profile for rainbowCCrop image. Fixes Profile Editor crashing app on some systems
– Supports .BAT/.CMD batch scripts in specAction LaunchProgram. Contribution by mika-n
– Added Hebrew translation. Contribution by avsha114
– Corrected Touchpad Resolution Y Max for DS4 and DualSense
– Fixed crash when right click disconnect is done twice and GUI has not changed yet. More of a pre-caution than anything
– Gioteck VX4 gamepad support. Contribution by mika-n
– Fixed passthru panels showing up properly for Touchpad and Gyro
– Pushing half-baked controller options window
– Change DupBox placeholder text behavior
– Removed Parler link from About window for now. RIP Parler
– Now use device specific Gyro Mouse sensitivity values
– Decreased sensitivity of DualSense Gyro Mouse slightly
– Added placeholder help text for window title auto profile field
– Fixed window style for Updater window
– Allow Home LED to be disabled for Switch Pro and JoyCon
– Fixed app config loading. Stopped extra config saves on program launch from missingSetting being set unintentionally
– Added more white variation of images for use in Dark theme
– Make custom Bezier curve perform circular interpolation rather than per axis
– Use ControlService event dispatcher for synchronization on device unplug
– Fixed Gyro Mouse and Mouse Joystick Smoothing panels visibility in Profile Editor under certain scenarios
– Fixed a bug in autoProfile set Path handler. Contribution by mika-n
– Lowered default rumble emulation strength of DualSense controller
– Allow configurable rumble strength setting for DualSense controllers. Will likely change later
– Now use player LEDs on Switch Pro, JoyCon, and DualSense controllers. Used to display input device slot number
– Display input slot number in controller list
– Now sort main controller list by device index
– Changed output device pluging routine. Stop DS4Windows service if ViGEm device connect call fails
– Changed default dead zone for KBM profile templates
– Only output DS4 touchpad button click when in Passthru mode
– Make sure to refresh gyro mouse smoothing combobox indexes after loading from a preset
Bundled DS4Updater 1.4.5



Télécharger DS4Windows (x86) v2.2.7 (1.9 Mo)

Télécharger DS4Windows (x64) v2.2.7 (1.9 Mo)

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