Nouvelle version de cet émulateur Sinclair ZX Spectrum avec pour nouveautés :

[-] A bug in TR-DOS fixed: selecting absent disk and attempting to access it from spectrum program crashed the emulator.
[*] Small change in ports address decoding (mouse emulation even if not active were influenced INs from AY port FFFD). Sound in KAZ demo became better.
[*] Small change in AY emulation (demo DigiSID). Better AY+MIC mixing (Target Renegade 2).
[-] Problem fixed with not unloading LoadTRDOS.dll from memory when emulator finished.
[-] LoadZ80.dll fixed for case of old 48K only Z80 format (save and load).

Télécharger EmuPIA/EmuPIA7 (+LCD) (48,0 O)

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