Très sympa, 2 Exes tout simples, rapide à lancer, avec un éditeur pour modifier rapidement l’apparence de l’écran. Légèreté et efficacité. Voici les nouveautés:

* Support for non mame emulators (tested with winvice, fusion, zsnesw, mekaw)
* keyboard hook and hotkeys to control the launched applications
* Auto layout switch on emulator switch (name the layout like the emulator)
* Joystick support to controll the complete gui
* NPlayers.ini file support ->
* Antialiased quality for all label displays
* Support for BMP and JPG snaps, panels, etc
* Splash screen

* Key repeat value not displayed in edit field fixed
* Incorrect alpha sort of layouts in menu fixed
* MaLaLayout: Removed alignment property from picture properties
* some more little bugs …

The game list format has changed.
Please delete and recreate your game lists. (*.mlg)

Some more information about hooks and hotkeys
The hotkeys will enable you to do the following things:

* close
This hokey will send a WM_CLOSE message to the launched application. (Exit)
Define a source key as trigger.

* Post
Sends a keystroke to the launched application.
Example: You can convert ‘d’ to alt + ‘x’ or ‘Esc’ to Alt + F4 or …
Define a source and a destination key.

* Catch
Catches the hotkey. The launched application will never get this key.
Define a source that will be catched.

* Hook exit key
I expirienced some problems with fullscreen directx applications on win98se.
It seems that a fullscreen directx application is blocking all hotkey messages.
So the only chance to recognize a trigger is a keyboard hook.
If triggered the launched application will recieve a WM_CLOSE message.
Usually you should use the hotkeys rather than the hook.

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