Nouvelle version pour ce frontend destiné à Mame et qui nécessite .net v1.1.

Voici les nouveautés:

– some aesthetic changes in ultraconfig
– removed pause when ultrastyle loads, used to wait for intro music to end
– changes were made to the game info code (as well as the clock) to make sure they
look more permanent
– Marquee default colors have been brightened again for easier text viewing
– wheel moves to next marquee using up and down a little faster

– Choosing a game with a playing video would play the video sound while the game loads
– AutoPlay code has been re-written to be in-line with game code for v2.0+
– added error checking code to verify that MP3 Directory actually has files in it


– optional clock in lower left hand corner
– checkboxes in ultraconfig to show/hide clock or controller info from interface
– ultraconfig now has presets for 4 commercial control panels
(HotRod Classic, HotRod SE, SlikStik Classic, and X-Arcade)
– controller information now optionally displays below screenshot cube
– NPlayers.ini support (optional)

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