Nouvelle version de cet excellent manager de roms dont voici les améliorations:

Update Engine:

* misc: Update engine optionally shows whatsnew.txt.
* misc: Update engine optionally asks to save downloaded updatefile.

· Scanner:

* misc: Allowing empty prestring in urls.ini files. (;;) (e.g. ZIP;;.zip)
* misc: Improved ‘unneeded check looks for dupe sets’ for sets with chds. (e.g. kdeadeye was kept in sysdefpaths & the belonging biosset changed)

· Parser / Dir2Dat:

* misc: Increased speed of profilers datfile identification.
* misc: dir2dat doesn’t include sets with 0 roms anymore.
* misc: Datparsers trim strings even inside quotes. (solves some datfile issues) (e.g. « …(Alben (France)) (1958)  » -> « …(Alben (France)) (1958) »)
* misc: Changed parser auto-renaming for double folder/description names. (this also effect dir2dat when same setnames exist in various folders)

· Settings:

* misc: Empty ‘settings->sets->select sets’ doesn’t disable all sets anymor.e

· Fixes:

* fixed: Rebuilding unzipped sets + enabled backup creates empty folders.
* fixed: Several 32 and 64bit filesize issues for some file routines and chds. (more to come soon(?) (i.e. getting rid of 31 bit zipfilesize limit))
* fixed: Some progressbar issues for huge files.

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