Razoola avait envoyé une liste de correctifs sur des drivers Cps2 mais tout a été rejeté en bloc, si vous voulez des drivers Cps2 à jour c’est ceux de Raz qu’il vous faudra.

This is a updated driver based u3 to remove the incorrect changes made to the original update I submitted some days before the u3 release. All this incormation below is accurate and most can even be confirmed by people who don’t have real hardware because proof already exists to confirm its accurate (most can be done by browsing over CPS2shock).

Its worth pointing out that most of these changes are simply reverting the driver back to how it was when submitted before the u3 release.

1) Ammended back the year to 2004.
– confirmed on Asia HSF2 pcb (copyright in the title page shows 2003,2004).

2) Ammended back player 1/2 button 4 to show in the JAMMA diagram.
– see dungeons and dragons manuals for confirmation its used for this purpose in some games.

3) Ammended back the extra button connector details.
– see dungeons and dragons manual and sfz manual for confirmation there isnt one single spec for it.

4) Ammended back the CN5/6 description from simm board connector to daughter board connector.
– You can clearly see its not just the simm board that uses these connectors
A different daughter board picture that uses these connectors can be found on CPS2shock.

5) Ammended back the CN9 information.
– See motherboard scan on CPS2 shock for a close up of this connector. The purpose of this
connector was confirmed to me by somone who has actually seen CPS2 games that have this
connector being fixed.

6) Ammended back the names of the ROMs to the way Capcom print them on EEPROM stickers.
– It dosent matter on anyones personal view, MAME is a document project and ROM names
should be kept as the original makers name them where possible.

7) Ammended back the ROM name text to add the ‘.’ that was removed.
– most CPS-2 boards I have seen have a ‘.’ printed in the name on the ROM sticker, if not the details are printed
over 2 lines (‘SSFA’ and then ’03B’ under it). I have seen both methods used on the same game but have seen more
games using ‘.’ then having the name over 2 lines. I have added extra information to the text to reflect this.

8) Added back the standard Z80 part number.
– see pcb scans on CPS2shock to confirm this.

9) Removed again the ringdest inputs config (config used 5 buttons only).
– This game tests all 6 buttons in test mode. The game also uses buttons 1,2,3,5 and 6 on real
hardware and not 1,2,3,4 and 5. The game should use the ssf2 input config.

A) Graphic and sound Roms have had the letter ‘m’ added back to their names for the ones that need it.
– Guru can confirm this is correct.

C) Corrected puzzloop2 simm names to match the rest of the driver.
– There is no reason to name one set different from the others just because someone decides so.
There was nothing wrong with the names as they were as they also kept the 8.3 file spec.

D) Added back note that ‘Ken Sei Mogura’ may not be a CPS2 game.
– PCB pictures of the game turned up in a auction that appeared to be in the CPS-1 layout.

E) Corrected names of some games that should have ‘II’ instead of ‘2’ in their title.
– removed for some unknown reason.

F) Corrected all simm names to add a extra ‘m’ so ‘sim’ becomes ‘simm’.
– ‘sim’ stands for something totally different than ‘simm’

G) Some minor formatting corrections.


On a side note I can report there is also an error in the NeoGeo driver. The Vblank rate is not 60hz as someone read it to be. The driver was more accurate before that change was made. The correct vblank speed is 59.1856 as confirmed on real hardware via test code (MV-1F). There are 264 scanlines (visable area is scanlines 24 to 248) and hsync is 15625 Hz. Anyone who thinks this is wrong can try kof98 attract mode at both speeds, its clear to see music/graphics sync at 59.1856hz but not at 60hz. I have also done side by side tests, using 60hz causes games that are timmed off vblank to run out of sync.

Bref, à ce demander si les différents entre Haze et Raz y sont pas pour quelque chose…

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