Nouvelle version pour ce frontend destiné à Mame dont voici les infos:

– Hugely better font and screen sizing at higher resolutions.
– Now supports M4A Audio files.
– Fixed issue with Title Text Font.
– Added setting to Hide the toolbar when the mouse is not positioned over it.
– Added setting to not show current list item number, and totals at the bottom of the screen.
– Different background images are now used for all main module types (Start, MAME, Jukebox, Emulators, Daphne, and Emulators.). This makes GameEx suitable for Skinning/Themes. Hopefully we should see some available soon.

The big news is that there is now a new configuration utility that allows configuring of all settings without you needing to use the INI file at all. This can be launched from GameEx, and when settings are applied GameEx is automatically restarted. It can also be used outside of the GameEx frontend. The utility is a full screen application also designed to work on TV’s and at low resolutions (640 * 480), with 10 – foot fonts etc.

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