Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur Sega 8 bits payant dans sa version Win (inclus la version Dos) et gratuit dans sa version Linux (par Marat Fayzullin).

– Emulation for SEGA MasterSystem, Mark3, Mark2, and SG1000 consoles, GameGear handheld, SC3000 and SF7000 home computers.
– Emulation for both Japanese and European/US versions of SEGA consoles.
– Emulation for the YM2413 FM sound chip that came with Japanese SEGA consoles.
– Emulation for the 93C46 serial EEPROM chip that is used to save games in some GameGear cartridges.
– Game can be saved and loaded at any moment during the play.
– Game soundtrack can be saved into a MIDI file.
– Settings are saved individually for each game.
– There are full screen and windowed modes.
– Window can be resized (bigger window sizes require better computer though).

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