Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur SEGA 8-16Bits dont voici les améliorations:

* Fixed another YM2612 bug that I added in 3.11 – I accidentally deleted
one line of code that I thought shouldn’t be there while fixing the other
bug from version 3.1. Doh.
* Rewrote another part of the YM2612 core. Should now be pretty much
* 32X PWM should now be the correct volume. I haven’t noticed any nasty
clipping yet, but if you do, just turn off overdrive.
* Slight change to SegaCD PCM. Don’t know if this affects anything.
* Various internal changes that should hopefully make MP3 decoding work
properly when VSync is on, or some slow render plugin is being used.

Now, this time, I really DO mean « Next update will come when I get my
life back. » Hopefully this is only a month or so away. We shall see.

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