Anciennement connu sous le nom de « FreeMSX » ce projet émule les MSX, MSX2, MSX2+, & Turbo-R. Son interface graphique est bien pensé et sa compatibilité légèrement inférieur a celled de fMSX.

– RUMSXEMU.ZIP (*updated*) has been changed and must be downloaded.
– RUMSXLNG.ZIP (*updated*) has been changed and need to be downloaded for localization-support.
– RUMSXLNX.ZIP (*updated*) contains partially localized versions of RuMSX (french only). In contrast to RUMSXLNG.ZIP the translation is not completed. So these resources are partially english. This file is NOT part of the InstallShield-version.
– RUMSXHLP.ZIP (*updated*) has been changed and must be downloaded (it contains RuMSX HTML-help files).
– RUMSXUNI.ZIP (*updated*) contains a trial-version of the RuMSX V0.29 unicode build (MSXW.EXE), which supports world-wide character sets in the single file. This file is NOT part of the InstallShield-version.
– Since V0.29 RuMSX supports a « My MSX » folder. This feature is disabled by default and has to be enabled by separate tools!
– MSX 2+ configuration failed to boot (this bug was new since RuMSX V0.29)
– MSX[1] configuration did not have an SRAM, therefore the DiskROM prompted for system-date (this configuration-bug was new since RuMSX V0.29)
– Reported VDP-Version number of V9938 (MSX2 video) was incorrect.
– Added support for true MSX1 color-palette, this does also affect loaded MSX1 save-state files.
– Screen 8 sprite colors were incorrect, fix uses nearest color of the used renderer.
– Updated MSX-Help: color-palette(s), C-BIOS, added missing « COLOR SPRITE » and « COLOR SPRITE$ »
– Fixed VDP-command 0 (ABRT), which has been refused in non-bitmap mode. This command is now properly processed.
– Updated C-BIOS to V0.20 and license-agreement
– Rewritten debug-console, which supports more output-data (up to 32KB are now buffered).
– Added ‘dw’ (dump word) command for the debugger
– Renamed title from « MSX-Emulator » to « RuMSX »

Télécharger RuMSX v0.82 (7,8 Mo)

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