Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de sytème MSX dont voici les changements:

New or improved emulator features:
– A new mixer implementation improves the sound quality of PCM and PSG samples
a lot.
– The « samples » and « frequency » settings can now be changed at run time.
– Various speed ups, especially for low end machines due to better frame skip.
– You can now use IPS patches to modify disk and ROM images as openMSX loads
them into memory, without changing the images files.
– Extensions inside ZIP files are now used to guess the right file type.
– Many improvements for Mac OS X, including bug fixes and more Mac-like key
bindings. When upgrading from openMSX 0.5.0, you can remove your
~/.openMSX/share/settings.xml to get new the key bindings.
– New « escape_grab » command: escapes from « grabinput » once.
– Debugging: enabled « cputrace » setting for normal builds as well.

MSX device support:
– Fixed turboR DRAM support. Programs that use this, like TRCAS, work now.
– Fixed booting of SVI-738 CP/M disks.
– Timing improvements of the WD2793 FDC. Fixes a few games that rely on it.
– The 13 bit MSX-AUDIO DAC actually works now (used in modplayer).
– Added MegaRAM Disk, thanks to Adriano da Cunha.
– Improved Sony HBI-55, thanks to Daniel Vik.
– Fixes in Tetris II Special Edition dongle.
– Added separate machine configuration for Philips VG 8020/20.
– Added MSX-AUDIO 2 extension. This is an Y8910 on alternative I/O ports.
– Added FM Stereo PAK extension.

Build system, packaging, documentation:
– We now provide Debian packages, shortly after the source release.
– Added build support for OpenBSD and NetBSD.
– Updated C-BIOS to 0.20.

Télécharger OpenMSX (x86) v0.14.0 (6,6 Mo)

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