Nouvelle version pour ce frontend detiné à Mame dont voici les grosses nouveautés:

– Completely rewritten main code as well as control of 3D objects
– Filter Button now brings you out of category, a second press brings you to ‘All Games’
– ultraconfig options condensed to 1 tab and sorted by category
– removed Main options and More options Tabs, Renamed Tweak tab to Favorites/Categories
– In ultraconfig Categories are now checked to enable to fall in line with other lists
– all options in ultraconfig saved in real time, no save buttons
– MyRomConfig.ini and options.ini removed all info now stored in Config.ini
– AutoPlay.txt contains additional settings.
– Background image now draws as image behind wheel instead of texture. ultrastyle must run in the same resolution as desktop.
– in ultrastyleimages the background folders are now called default1024, default800, and default640
– got rid of the ‘NO Screenshot’ texture that people didn’t like and opted for a transparent cube when no screenshot is present.
-Up/Down x# of games buttons switched to be in line with up/down a letter joystick movements

– Set rotation of Cube art to 2-30 second intervals
– Additional button to bring a dropdown of a CP for button bindings, 5 different CPs based on controls for game
– Marquees without a texture can have a single color for background
– Wheel now lettered in either direction, A->Z clockwise or counterclockwise
– PayPal donation button on help tab (nod, wink, say no more)
– when moving thru the wheel, cube will stay on selected art unless there is none (i.e. titles, flyers, etc)
– support for controls.ini hard coded like NPlayer.ini is
– new subfolder ‘Controls’
– imagesCP subfolder with CPs in it
– filtering no longer an option, MyRomInfo.exe filters on controller type based on MAME info(i.e. trackball, lightgun, etc)
– In ultraconfig, you can rearrange the categories for the filter wheel.

– blitzMovie.dll no longer causes Illegal Error
– Choosing Plank in marquee style box would come up empty upon re-opening ultraconfig
– moving up/down a letter should jump much faster now
– updating to a new MAME version and not updating NPlayer.ini causes problems when a ROM name is not found, now ignored.
– sets.txt properly displays file size during creation

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