Nouvelle version pour ce frontend destiné à Mame dont voici les nouveautés:

– I think this is pretty strong release and a good step forward.
– The main new features are that GameEx now supports title, box, and cartridge artwork for console emulators.
– It also now can show title, cabinet, flyer, marquee, and panel artwork for Daphne.
– If your a newbie or unaware of screenshot archive I cant praise this site enough. Go there to get your console and daphne artwork.
– If enabled audio now plays in logos that are videos.
– In addition to the new image paths available, there are two more settings for emulators.
– Much like with MAME already these allow you to launch a command before running a game, and launch a command when a game exits
– The Configuration application has been reorganised a fair bit to hopefully make things a little easier and less confusing.
– Robs included BlueEx themes will now not show corruption with ArcadeVGA 7000 series cards.
– Radio can now play WMA station direct links. Meaning station URLS beginning with MMC:// now work.

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