Emu-France Le Portail De L'Emulation Francophone Libre 2013-03-15T13:20:54Z http://www.emu-france.com/flux/atom/ <![CDATA[[Arcade] AdvanceMAME v3.6]]> 2017-12-15T15:32:59+01:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Consoles de salon] fixNES v1.0.5 Alpha]]> 2017-12-15T15:28:07+01:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Utilitaires Divers] nGlide v2.0]]> 2017-12-15T15:26:49+01:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Consoles de salon] Cemu Hook v0.5.5.4]]> 2017-12-14T18:25:17+01:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Utilitaires Multi-systemes] EmuLoader v8.3.7]]> 2017-12-14T17:31:04+01:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Ordi.] Speccy v4.6]]> 2017-12-14T09:51:45+01:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Console de salon] Cemu v1.11.2]]> 2017-12-14T09:34:28+01:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Arcade] SuperModel WIP (x86/x64) v0.3a r680]]> 2017-12-13T14:16:37+01:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Calculatrices] Firebird Emu v1.4]]> 2017-12-13T07:59:18+01:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Ordi.] SMSQmulator v2.25]]> 2017-12-13T07:45:52+01:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Ordi.] QPC2 v4.0.5.10 Demo]]> 2017-12-13T07:35:07+01:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Consoles de salon] CoolCV v0.6.6]]> 2017-12-13T07:28:38+01:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Ordi.] fMSX v5.2]]> 2017-12-12T20:33:35+01:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Ordi.] PCem v13]]> 2017-12-12T20:27:20+01:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Ordi.] Takeda Common Binaries (14/12/2017)]]> 2017-12-12T16:30:00+01:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Consoles portables] JPcsp v0.7 rev b7a1d8b]]> 2017-12-12T16:25:58+01:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Ordi.] Fuse v1.5.0]]> 2017-12-12T16:22:55+01:00 Jets <![CDATA[[MAME Support Files] History.dat v1.92b]]> 2017-12-12T16:20:01+01:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Utilitaires Multi-systemes] GameEx Arcade Edition v15.07]]> 2017-12-12T09:31:41+01:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Utilitaires Multi-systemes] GameEx v15.07]]> 2017-12-12T09:31:10+01:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Ordi.] WinUAE (Public Beta) v3.6.0 Beta 12 + FR]]> 2017-12-11T16:51:29+01:00 Jets GUI -> change resolution/display parameters -> exit GUI does not cause blank screen anymore. - 68020 memory cycle exact CPU speed slider is again partially working, CPU speed can be reduced but not increased. - Updated to MSVC 2017 15.5 - Config file Description field caching broke in b9. - Ignore WM_DEVICECHANGE messages during first 2 seconds when WinUAE GUI opens for the first time. Some systems seem to send spurious WM_DEVICECHANGE at program startup. - Simple box art/screenshot config file support. (See http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=89014 for details.) - Direct3D11 mode OSD/RTG HW cursor support. All basic features are now implemented. Improved vsync and custom shaders to do. - D3D11 is now the default (=config file does not override it) if Windows 7 or newer. - Entering and exiting GUI in D3D11 fullscreen mode restored wrong texture size. - If Wait for Blitter is enabled and blit size makes no sense (larger than chip ram size), don't wait. (Fixes long delay in Vital / Mystic) EDIT: D3D11 fullscreen won't work if DXGI 1.5+ is available.   Site Officiel En savoir plus...]]> <![CDATA[[Utilitaires Divers] DS4Windows v1.4.106 *maj*]]> 2017-12-11T12:26:04+01:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Utilitaires Multi-systemes] EmuLoader v8.3.6]]> 2017-12-11T12:05:35+01:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Utilitaires Multi-systemes] RomCenter v4.0 RC1.1]]> 2017-12-10T22:54:09+01:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Utilitaires Multi-systemes] Zogolo's Launcher v1.6]]> 2017-12-10T16:44:07+01:00 Jets