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[Angelo Salese] -jangou: Fixed more Mahjong dips as per manuals [system11] -vis: Added sound [Carl] -mac: Replaced bad dump in macplus v2 ROM set with redump, and use split ROMs for macplus, mac512ke, mac128k and mac512k, macclasc, macclas2 sets, with proper labels [Lord Nightmare] -igs009: Redumped graphics ROM for Grand Prix '98 (V100K) [Guru] -stv: Removed optional joystick control inputs from Virtual Mahjong since this game only supports Mahjong panel but was defaulting to Joystick [system11] -Partial fix for MT06383: exporting is now also possible for the favorites list, except if it has software in it [dankan1890] -forte2: Updated comments on Forte 2 Pesadelo/Knightmare bootleg [Felipe Sanches] -galaxian: Fixed ROMs in Moon Alien Part 2 (older version) [MASH] -galaga: Fixed palette in Battles (set 1) [MASH] -Changed use of IPT_START to IPT_START1 in bartop52, guab, midyunit, namcos22, sshot and turrett [MASH] -apollo: eliminate logerror spam on unmapped ISA access [Hans Ostermeyer] -psx.xml: removed duplicates, fixed shortname consistency [Aeternal] * Some images were identical but dumped with different offset New machines added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status ------------------------------------------------------ Esselte 100 [Joakim Larsson Edstrom] TSI Speech+ [hap, Sean Riddle, Lord Nightmare] Star Audition [Guru, Luca Elia] Chess-Master Diamond [Sandro Ronco] Tiger Ditto [hap, Sean Riddle] A-One LSI Match Number/LJN Electronic Concentration [hap, Sean Riddle] Coleco Head to Head Boxing [hap, Sean Riddle] Tandy Championship Football (2 sets) [hap, Sean Riddle] Poker (Electro-Sport) [MASH, Siftware] Slap Shooter [ShouTime, Sean Sutton, Tourniquet, ranger_lennier, Jan Stuhler, gamez fan, Paul Vining, Soren Skou Nielsen, Erick Dillon, Jason Wible, Mr. Goodwraith, Renato Mucciarelli, The Dumping Union] Fidelity Chesster Challenger [hap, yovan] New clones added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status ---------------------------------------------------- Apple //e Enhanced (France) [robcfg, R. Belmont] Terminator 2 - Judgment Day (rev PA2 10/18/91) [Bicycle Repairman] NBA Jam Extreme (ver. 1.10I) [farzeno] Chicken Draw (2131-04, U5-0) [Brian Troha, The Dumping Union] Gemini Wing (bootleg) [Asayuki] Pinguinos (Spanish bootleg of Pengo) [Asociacion A.R.C.A.D.E.] Street Fighter (Japan, pneumatic buttons) [ShouTime, Smitdogg, Jan Stuhler, Paul Thacker, Sean Sutton, The Dumping Union] Condor (S C Novar bootleg of Phoenix) [f205v] Raiden Fighters (Great Britain) [Bytestorm] Stratovox (set 2) [MASH] Nibbler (rev ?) [MASH] Phoenix (Amstar, set 2) [MASH] Sauro (bootleg) [Guru, MASH] Crush Roller (set 5) [MASH] Jumping Cross (set 2) [MASH] Ms. Pac-Man (bootleg, set 2) [Siftware, MASH] Battles (set 2) [Siftware, MASH] Rolling Crush (version 1.03.E - 1999/01/29) [system11] Popeye (Japan, Sky Skipper hardware) [ShouTime] Elevator Action (4 pcb version, 1.1) [caius, The Dumping Union] Le Grandchamps [MASH] Road Riot 4WD (04 Dec 1991) [Hammy, The Dumping Union] Super Qix (World/Japan, V1.0) [Lord Nightmare] New machines marked as NOT_WORKING ---------------------------------- Alesis QS7 musical keyboard [Felipe Sanches] Pop'n Stage (ver JB-A) [smf] Regnecentralen Piccolo RC702 [Robbbert] Siemens Simatic PG685 OUA11 [rfka01] New clones marked as NOT_WORKING -------------------------------- Air Trix (original) [Andy Geezer] Arbiter Discmate A-02 [Nigel Barnes] Electronic Battleship (1977 version, model 4750A) [hap, Sean Riddle] Chess-Master (set 2) [uncredited] NASCAR Racing (original) [Dion] Tecmo World Soccer '98 (JUET 980410 V1.000) [Hammy] Virtua Fighter 3 (Revision D) [ShouTime] VT100 w/VT1xx-AC STP [Lord Nightmare] New WORKING software list additions ----------------------------------- gamegear.xml: Cave Dude, (USA, prototype) [uncredited] sms.xml: Sky Fighter (Samsung Gam*Boy) [uncredited] sms.xml: Action Fighter (prototype), Captain Silver (prototype) [SMS Power] kim1_cass.xml: mchess [Dagarman] ibm5150.xml: Karateka (Beta 1986-03-03) [Jason Scott, Jordan Mechner] ibm5150.xml, ibm5170.xml: additions from various sources [Justin Kerk] electron_flop.xml: added floppies [Nigel Barnes] bbcb_flop: various software items [Nigel Barnes] apple2.xml: Dungeon Master's Assistant, Genesis, Pigpen, Renegade [TRex] pce_tourvision.xml: Barunba, Power Tennis [system11] x68k_flop.xml: additional clones [nekoziman] New NOT_WORKING software list additions --------------------------------------- Mario Party-e card collection (U) [Shideravan] Animal Crossing e-cards [Shideravan] Domo-Kun Card-e collection [Shideravan] NES e-card collection [Shideravan]   Site Officiel En savoir plus...]]> <![CDATA[[www] Info news]]> 2016-09-28T06:14:36+02:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Multi-systemes] DSP (x86) v0.17b1 (26/09/2016)]]> 2016-09-27T16:06:21+02:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Consoles de salon] CXBX Reloaded (2016/09/27)]]> 2016-09-27T16:02:52+02:00 Jets <![CDATA[[www] Mise à jour du site Rommanager]]> 2016-09-27T07:38:08+02:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Utilitaires Multi-systemes] RomCenter (beta) v4.0 beta 8]]> 2016-09-27T07:30:50+02:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Consoles de salon] Redream (2016/09/26)]]> 2016-09-26T17:10:00+02:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Ordi.] DSVZ200 (26/09/2016)]]> 2016-09-26T16:22:18+02:00 Jets <![CDATA[[WIP] Mini sac de GIT (27/09/2016)]]> 2016-09-26T15:22:45+02:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Consoles de salon] Reicast (2016/09/26)]]> 2016-09-26T15:19:10+02:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Ordi.] WinUAE (Public Beta) v3.4.0 Beta 9 + FR]]> 2016-09-25T10:32:11+02:00 Jets