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[Sandro Ronco] -a310: reworked HLE keyboard and added mouse input. [Sandro Ronco] -aristmk5: Various improvements: [Sandro Ronco] * Hooked up EEPROMs, UARTs and some inputs. * Fixed video DMA when vidstart != 0. * Added coin input, logic door input and RTC. * Fixed SRAM banking. -archimds: Fixed horizontal display position and cursor position in VIDC. [Sandro Ronco] -atarigx2: Reverse-engineered Space Lords security FPGA and implemented decryption code. [Morten Shearman Kirkegaard, Samuel Neves, Peter Wilhelmsen] -atarigx2: Fixed inputs in Space Lords. [MASH] -ti99: Fixed save states and declared MACHINE_SUPPORTS_SAVE. [Michael Zapf] -midvunit: Renamed wargods CHD to reflect actual version on disk. [Ryan Holtz] -hazeltin: Various initial changes: [Ryan Holtz] * Added keyboard hookup, but will need 8048 dumping or black-boxing. * Added preliminary video, still broken due to timing issues. * Added state-machine bipolar PROMs. -core: Added non-netlist devices for logic ICs: [Ryan Holtz] * 54/74160,161,162,163 * 54/7416x Hex/Quad D Flip-Flops with Clear * 9334/DM9334 8-Bit Addressable Latch * 7400 Quad 2-Input NAND Gate, 7404 Hex Inverter, 82S126/82S129 256x4-bit PROM -sun4: Simplified DMA implementation. [Ryan Holtz] -naomi: various naming changes: [MetalliC] * Added supported region info. * Changed all games to "Export name / Japan name" template. * Correct a few names as per title screens. -namcos12: Added Namco Cyber Lead cabinet JVS IO and LED controller PCB dumps. [PascalP, Team Europe] -aristmk6: Hooked up IRQ registers. [MetalliC] -naomi: Added missing PICs for Dragon Treasure 2 main, Dragon Treasure 2 & 3 satellite, and WCCF 2001-2002. [Android, Darksoft, f205v, rtw, MetalliC] -luaengine: Converted to sol2. [Carl] -plugins/console: Added Lua console as plugin. [Carl] -core: Moved device_memory_interface from driver_device to dummy_space_device. [smf] * Exposed the dummy_space_device as machine().dummy_space() with a trampoline in driver_device for existing callers. * Debugger no longer needs to special case root_device() to avoid showing the dummy address space. -taitogn: Various changes: [smf] * Implemented G-NET BIOS flashing * Games that require the v2 BIOS now require you to update the BIOS and turn off JP1 as part of the installation * A v1 BIOS flash is included, but you aren't forced to use it * Moved G-NET protection out of ATAFLASH and into individual devices for each type of card * Added build dates and times to G-NET game descriptions. -zn: Various changes: [smf] * Implemented enough analogue control reading on ZN1/ZN2 for RC De Go and Go By RC. * Fixed ZN1/ZN2 DIP switch descriptions. -Implemented S1985 backup RAM [smf] * Fixes TPC310 accessories cursor movement on the second time you launch it with left ctrl + left shift. * Fixed Matsushita backup RAM saving. * Implemented S1985 and Matsushita state saving. * Implemented MSX switched interface without using an address map. -Fixed heap corruption when loading a new CHD fails. [smf] -Throw CHDERR_FILE_NOT_WRITEABLE rather than CHDERR_UNSUPPORTED_VERSION if you try to open an old version CHD or writing. [smf] -darkmist: Video fixes: [Angelo Salese] * Added real transparent pen mixing from PROMs, fixes ranking screen and gameplay area in Dark Mist. * Fixed sprite-sprite priorities, sprite chip fetches from top to bottom. -saturn: Various changes: [Angelo Salese] * Worked around VDP1 timings in Sega Saturn, fixes regression with Batman Forever gameplay speed. * Added Rotation Parameter read control register, fixes at least Riddler stage ROZ positioning in Batman Forever. -mirage: Added 93C46 EEPROM hook-up. [Angelo Salese] -seta: Added backup RAM hookup for kiwame, fixes "BACKUP RAM ERROR" at first boot. [Angelo Salese] -ncr5390: Implemented selection disable. [O. Galibert] -addrmap refactoring: [O. Galibert] * Removed device parameter * De-hand-templatized address_map_entry, remove then unneeded entry parameter * Simplified constructor, thanks Micko * Changed setters into passthroughs * Stream it * Changed to use dot syntax rather than -> syntax for chaining -addrmem: Made obvious renames and added helpers. [O. Galibert] -general: Eliminated attaching memory maps to driver_device. [O. Galibert] -emucore: Removed generic_ptr. [O. Galibert] -scn2674: Various changes: [Barry Rodewald] * Corrected the row on which a split occurs, fixes Octopus display of the last row before the status line split. * Added command 0xA6, fixes Octopus status line in Concurrent DOS, and BIOS character block write function. -octopus: Various changes: [Barry Rodewald] * Added cursor display. * Added colour attributes. * Added blink and underline attributes. * Hooked up serial lines, Concurrent DOS can now use the first serial port as an extra terminal. * Fixed Z80 RAM banking past 256kB. -fmtowns: Addded support for IC Memory Card images. [Barry Rodewald] * Limited to 16MB in size until software that supports more can be found. -x68k: Added keyboard LEDs to layout display. [Barry Rodewald] * Among other things, this fixes the 'dancing keyboard' display when running Cotton. -mac: Split 128/512/Plus into a new separate, more modern driver. [R. Belmont] -mac: Corrected regression in IIvx/IIvi models. [R. Belmont] -apple2gs: Switched to use z80scc, added printer and modem ports. [R. Belmont] -sdgndmps: Added DIP switch names and locations (verified from manual). [AJR] -pg685: Added pg675 and hooked up MM58167 RTC. [R. Belmont, rfka01] -pg685: Various changes: [R. Belmont] * Preliminary working oua11 video. * Fixed ROM and ROM shadow mapping for oua12 so it actually boots. * Preliminary not-quite-working oua12 video (chargen decode is unknown). -pg675, pg685: Added hardware info. [rfka01] -micro20: Added more device hookups, gets farther into POST. [R. Belmont] -concept: Added optional MacsBug ROMs. [Al Kossow, R. Belmont] -core: Fixed a bug parsing the software name option that prevented loading slot defaults for software selected from the internal UI. [AJR] -sh2dasm, sh4dasm: Changed the disassemblers to use 'std::ostream &' internally. [AJR] -pit8253: Made MSB-only counter writes lower outputs in mode 0. [AJR] -amusco: Various changes: [AJR] * Identified and hooked up 8155 interface chips for LPT and RTC. * Fixed PIT IRQs; game speed is much better now. * Coin inputs now read properly through IRQ4. * Promoted draw88pkr to WORKING (no more "COIN ERROR" on startup, though POST still fails memory test for some reason). * Removed spurious coin counter. * Updated notes on printer. -seibu: Moved SEI80BU encryption out of the SEIBU_SOUND device and made it a device of its own. [AJR] -amusco: Added button-lamps and coin counter support. [Roberto Fresca] -z80scc: Various changes: [Joakim Larsson Edstrom] * Added support for RTxC as BRG clock source, allows the SGI Indy to have a console. * Fixed a bug in rr15 support, allows macplus, etc. to boot now. * Improved interrupt handling, allows mouse pointer to move in macplus driver for System 6.0.8. * Fixed init state of latched rr0 values, improves the success ratio of getting the mouse working in both X and Y on macplus, etc. * Minimal sync/hunt support to enable System 7 to boot on macplus. -z80dart: Refactored FIFOs using new template based FIFO class. [Joakim Larsson Edstrom] -didact: Various Candela changes: [Joakim Larsson Edstrom] * Added can09, a non working driver for the Candela main computer, a 6809 based design with FDC and a 6850 CRTC. * Added can09t, a somewhat working driver for the Candela terminal, a slimmer version without FDC and with a terminal interface. -fccpu30: Various changes: [Joakim Larsson Edstrom] * Added new board variants as WIP: cpu30x, cpu30xa, cpu30za, cpu30zbe, cpu30be8, cpu30be16, cpu30lite4, cpu30lite8, cpu30senr, cpu30senr501, cpu33 * Added support for -ramsize according to each board variant. * Renamed roms to reflect on content and versions. * Mapped the Epson 72423 RTC device to the msm6242_device driver as it is compatible. * Added mock handlers with LOG info for devices that needs to be written. * Exposed possibility to turn off FPU in case it is not installed. * fccpu: Prepared to split out base fccpu class to support drivers for cpu2x and cpu4x boards etc. * Various small fixes to PIT68230, FGA022, DUSCC. -prodigy: Added skeleton driver for ACI Destiny Prodigy chess computer. [Joakim Larsson Edstrom] -z80sio, mzr8105: Added UPD7201 device type to and changed driver to use it. [Joakim Larsson Edstrom] -rax: Emulated the Acclaim RAX sound board, fixing sound in Batman Forever and NBA Jam Extreme. [Phil Bennett] -zn: Hooked up extra NVRAM in NBA Jam Extreme. [Phil Bennett] -bbc: Added ACP 1770 DFS to acorn1770 FDC. [Nigel Barnes] -electron: Added PRES ADFS versions to Plus3 expansion. [Nigel Barnes] -a310: Added new NOT WORKING machines Archimedes 305, Archimedes 440, Archimedes 3000, Archimedes 410/1, Archimedes 420/1, Archimedes 440/1, Archimedes 540, Acorn A5000, Acorn A4, Acorn A4000, Acorn A5000 Alpha [Nigel Barnes] * Renamed a310->aa310 to avoid conflict with Amiga machines. * Added all missing OS releases Arthur 0.30, RISC OS 2.01, RISC OS 3.00, RISC OS 3.10, RISC OS 3.19 (German). * Made all machines default to the OS (Arthur, RISC OS 2, RISC OS 3) they were shipped with. * Corrected ROM labels/locations. * Added default CMOS to boot to desktop. * Mapped Acorn A4 Power Management extension. -hp9845: Re-implemented 98035 module with a nanoprocessor driver. [F.Ulivi] * Now possible to emulate the 98035 RTC module at a low level thanks to firmware ROM dump from Mr. Kueckes. * Implemented "nanoprocessor" microcontroller CPU core and disassembler. -hp9845: Implemented HP98034 module (HPIB interface). [F.Ulivi] -quizpun2: Hooked up MCU, improved graphics and sound. [Luca Elia] -crystal: Fixed VRender0 timers. [Luca Elia] -cedar_magnet: Preliminary magnet system sound and various flag fixes. [David Haywood] -smskr: Added support for the seo-jin 11-in-1 multi-game bootleg cartridge. [David Haywood] -aristmk6: Various changes: [David Haywood] * Cleaned up ROM loading. * Show framebuffer? instead of debug viewer - can see startup text at least. * Extended ROM area so that the bigger games map properly and pass their checksums. * Corrected flamolce rom loading. * Corrected rumbreel rom loading and switch 1x and 2x IC positions, it passes test and is consistent with others now. -sh4: Began SH4 MMU improvements with a view to seeing what aristmk6 needs, allowed table upload by LDTLB opcode, allowed experimental MMU test code to be enabled/disabled on a per-driver basis. [David Haywood] -core: Added delegate support for lambdas and std::functions in general, also supporting const members now. [Miodrag Milanovic] -aristmk5: Increased ROM window size for incasunu and geisha, fixing graphic CRC check and allowing incasunu to boot. [David Haywood] -core: Added more applicable Catch testing framework and converted all tests to be done properly by guidelines. [Miodrag Milanovic] * Still needs TESTS=1 to enable build of tests -osd: Moved UWP asset files to proper place. [Miodrag Milanovic] -util: Added a simple FIFO template. [Vas Crabb] -xmlfile: Turned API into something that looks like C++ and allowed use of const data node objects. [Vas Crabb] -3rdparty: Updated LZMA to 16.04 (security and portability fixes). [Vas Crabb] -core: Introduced u8/u16/u32/u64/s8/s16/s32/s64 alias types: [Vas Crabb] * New abbreviated types are in osd and util namespaces, and also in global namespace for things that #include "emu.h" * Removed the cstdint types from everything in emu. * Removed U64/S64 macros. * Fixed a bug in dps16 caused by incorrect use of macro. * Fixed debugcon not checking for "do " prefix case-insensitively. * Fixed a lot of messed up tabulation. * Changed many macros and constants to constexpr. * Fixed up many __names. -complay.py: Rewrote to parse/minify layout XML - invalid XML in internal layouts now cause build failures. [Vas Crabb] -uismall.bdf: Added some typographical characters to, including the hair space used by the internal UI. [Vas Crabb] -frontend: Encapsulated more of the menu base class to control when layout changes can happen, encapsulated mouse translation [Vas Crabb] -osd: Fixed key names with -keyboardprovider win32 [Vas Crabb] -core: Drop invalid input tokens when parsing configuration, fixes uncaught exception error when writing configuration. [Vas Crabb] -hlsl: Fixed games with off-screen backdrop artworks (e.g. atarifb, bowler). [Jezze] -sms: Various changes: [Enik Land] * Set initial audio mixing state on reset. * Documented the Sports Pad modes (and changed the default) used by Sports Pad Soccer (Jpn). -n64: Various changes: [Happy] * Only SP DMA skip for DRAM address, regardless of transfer direction. * Give priority to current transfer when reading AI length register. * Add delayed carry signal to AI (hardware bug allows carry signal from low to high to persist through a reload). -build: Fixed make VERBOSE=1 not showing archive commands for static libraries. [Happy] -osd: Added new UWP icons/images. [JacKc] -bionicc: Various changes: [Asayuki] * Added notes on clock frequencies and video signal timings. * Converted to raw screen parameters, correcting frame rate and vblank timing. -jangou: Corrected DIP switches for Jangou Lady. [system11] -nbmj8891: Corrected DIP switches for Mahjong G-Men '89, Mahjong Vanilla Syndrome and Scandal Mahjong. [system11] -nbmj9195: Corrected Pretty Sailor 18-kin DIP switches. [system11] -tmnt: Changed back to 320x224 as per MT04790 discussion. [system11] -vigilant: Corrected visible screen area (PCB comparison). [system11] -twincobr: Corrected ROM names for twincobr and twincobru. [system11] -tumbleb: Corrected Choky Choky OKI crystal, also corrected all games to mono as none use stereo PCBs. [system11] -kaneko16: Unswapped button mappings for gtmr games so they match the PCB/manual. [system11] -psikyosh: Corrected all games to mono as all games in this board family are mono. [system11] -marvland: Tagged as imperfect sound and needing redump of sound ROM. [system11] * The sound in this version does not match Japan or any of the ports, and sounds like incorrect sounds are being played. -aleck64: Added vivdolls DIP switches, digital joystick support needs adding, game is switchable. [system11] -rainbow: Various Rainbow 100 changes: [Bavarese] * Fixed colors in highres mode and video levels. * Made a small fix to serial Rx. * Added support for hard disks with up to 17 sectors/track, as MFM controllers allow this. * Made port 50 readable (undocumented, yet used). -upd7220: Fixed division by zero in update_graphics. [Bavarese] -build: Fixed building on ppc64le and s390x. [Julian Sikorski] -firebatl: Fixed music tempo. [ShouTime] -fidel6502: Redumped Par Excellence. [Berger] -quizpun2: Dumped the 68705 MCU for "Quiz Punch", protected by an epoxy block. [Guru] -sms_bootleg: Added the missing ROM to the smssgame set. [Astroblaster] -naomigd: Added unused/unknown security PIC dumps: * 253-5508-0352E some mahjong game? [mohamad "The Hedgehog" issawi, colour.thief] * 253-5508-0456J WCCF 2005-2006 Japan [any] * 253-5508-0506J unknown Chihiro [Android] -lua: Added ability to show custom menu. [headkaze] -fds: Detached the other cart lists. [Reagan Roush] -zorba: Added software list for floppy disks as well as some documentation to the driver file. [Reagan Roush] -isbc: Added new isbc 286 rom version v1.0. [Al Kossow] -isbc_208: Added device. [Carl]   Site Officiel En savoir plus...]]> <![CDATA[[Divers] BS-X BIOS English Patch 2016 v1.3]]> 2016-11-29T07:32:57+01:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Ordi.] SugarBox v0.27]]> 2016-11-29T07:30:42+01:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Console de salon] Cemu v1.6.3]]> 2016-11-28T09:49:22+01:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Arcade] SuperModel WIP (x86/x64) v0.3a r504 *maj*]]> 2016-11-28T09:41:30+01:00 Jets <![CDATA[[www] Mise à jour du site Rommanager]]> 2016-11-27T23:32:31+01:00 Jets