Emu-France Le Portail De L'Emulation Francophone Libre 2013-03-15T13:20:54Z http://www.emu-france.com/flux/atom/ <![CDATA[[Consoles de salon] Mednafen (x86 & x64) v1.22.2]]> 2019-04-24T06:56:36+02:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Consoles de salon] Snes9x v1.60]]> 2019-04-23T21:38:15+02:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Plugin N64] Angrylion RDP Plus R7 (2019/04/23)]]> 2019-04-23T16:14:16+02:00 Jets n64video_config_init - Added vsync and exclusive window options (Zilmar plugin only) - Updated cmake for new file structure - Moved gamma_filters step into a separate single-threaded loop - Using rdram_valid_* in all functions for consistency - Fixed paths for moved files - Merged common plugin code with core - Double window size for 320x240ish frames - Removed deprecated "MinimalRebuild" option - Initialize rgb values in vi_process_fast_parallel - vi_fetch_filter_ptr is now a local variable in vi_process_full   Source des builds WIP.   Site Officiel En savoir plus...]]> <![CDATA[[Assistants numeriques personnels] NoxPlayer v6.2.8.1]]> 2019-04-23T13:57:32+02:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Assistants numeriques personnels] MEmu v6.2.1]]> 2019-04-23T13:55:34+02:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Utilitaires Divers] x360ce v4.9.0.0 Alpha]]> 2019-04-23T06:47:23+02:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Consoles portables] JPcsp v0.7 rev efdcab82]]> 2019-04-23T06:43:28+02:00 Jets <![CDATA[[www] Antopisa Art packs v0.208]]> 2019-04-22T14:52:12+02:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Ordi.] Altirra (Beta) v3.20 Test 23]]> 2019-04-22T12:09:37+02:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Consoles de salon] Hpsx64 v0250]]> 2019-04-19T16:58:34+02:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Utilitaires Divers] DS4Windows v1.7.5]]> 2019-04-19T15:33:01+02:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Ordi.] WinUAE (Public Beta) v4.2.1 Beta 1]]> 2019-04-19T08:23:44+02:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Ordi.] VMware Workstation v15.0.4 build 12990004]]> 2019-04-18T12:13:55+02:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Consoles de salon] bsnes v107.3 "Mode 7 HD" *maj*]]> 2019-04-18T10:50:52+02:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Consoles portables] VisualBoyAdvance-M v2.1.3]]> 2019-04-17T21:24:17+02:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Ordi.] VirtualBox (32/64 Bits) v6.0.6]]> 2019-04-17T09:50:40+02:00 Jets <![CDATA[[WIP] Mini sac de GIT (16/04/2019)]]> 2019-04-16T14:56:59+02:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Consoles de salon] bsnes v107.1 HD Mode 7 mod beta 3 *maj2*]]> 2019-04-16T14:10:44+02:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Ordi.] ARAnyM v1.1.0]]> 2019-04-15T14:45:25+02:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Ordi.] DOSBox-X v0.82.18 (2019/04/14)]]> 2019-04-15T08:16:19+02:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Utilitaires Divers] Wine D3D For Windows v4.6]]> 2019-04-15T06:46:00+02:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Plugin PS2] CLR DEV9 v0.8.5]]> 2019-04-14T15:15:59+02:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Arcade] Sega Model 3 UI (2019/04/12)]]> 2019-04-13T15:46:29+02:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Utilitaires Divers] Mesa v19.0.2]]> 2019-04-12T13:20:47+02:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Ordi.] WinUAE (Français) v4.2.0]]> 2019-04-11T21:49:24+02:00 Jets