Emu-France Le Portail De L'Emulation Francophone Libre 2013-03-15T13:20:54Z http://www.emu-france.com/flux/atom/ <![CDATA[[Multi-systemes] NegaMAME v0.223]]> 2020-08-07T07:33:27+02:00 Jets <![CDATA[[MAME Support Files] MAMEUI Art Packs v0.223]]> 2020-08-06T21:26:23+02:00 Jets <![CDATA[[MAME Support Files] MAMEUI Inifiles v0.223]]> 2020-08-06T19:25:58+02:00 Jets <![CDATA[[MAME Support Files] MAMEinfo.dat v0.223]]> 2020-08-06T19:25:54+02:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Multi-systemes] MESSUI v0.223]]> 2020-08-06T15:52:27+02:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Multi-systemes] MAME(MESS) v0.223]]> 2020-08-06T15:52:25+02:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Arcade] ARCADE32/64 v0.223]]> 2020-08-06T15:52:20+02:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Multi-systemes] MAMEUI32/64 v0.223]]> 2020-08-06T15:52:11+02:00 Jets voir indication ci-dessus. ARCADE = MAME(arcade) + Interface dédiée (et basée sur l'ancien MAMEUIFX).   Site Officiel de John IV Site Officiel de Robbbert En savoir plus...]]> <![CDATA[[Arcade] HBMAME/UI v0.223]]> 2020-08-06T15:51:42+02:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Multi] MAME v0.223]]> 2020-08-06T15:51:10+02:00 Jets 0, 2, 0)", 2.0) - PFUNCEXPECT("if(0>1, 2, 3)", 3.0) - PFUNCEXPECT("if(sin(1)>0, 2, 3)", 3.0) // fail -voodoo: SSE use shift left by 8 instead of floating point multiply by 256 for perspective correction calculation. [Ted Green] -spectrum/mgt.cpp make DISCiPLE/+D to work with 128K Spectrum models [MetalliC] -big10.cpp, kas89.cpp, kurukuru.cpp, tonton.cpp: enabled save state support. [Ivan Vangelista] * luckybal.cpp, rulechan.cpp: fixed save state support. -sothello.cpp: demoted to MACHINE_NOT_WORKING since it hasn't worked since the M6809 rewrite in 0.148u2 (see MT06033) [Ivan Vangelista] -ddragon.cpp: updated ROM loading for ddragon6809, now matches ddragon6809a and compares better with ddragon [Ivan Vangelista] -cop452: fixed validation (Device cop452.cpp(COP452) short name contains invalid characters) [Ivan Vangelista] New working clones ------------------ Space Trek (Video Game S.A., Spanish bootleg of Scramble) [Rubén Casaña (Retro Arcadia Valencia), Isaías Hernández] New working clone ----------------- Dead Or Alive ++ (Korea) [chacal231077] -galeb: cleanup, preliminary cassette, notes [Robbbert] -spectrum/mgt.cpp minor inhibit logic and reset fixes [MetalliC] -devices/machine/iwm.cpp, device/machine/ncr539x.cpp, mame/machine/abc1600mac.cpp: fixed initializations issues that were causing problems in devnoclear debug builds (nw) [Ivan Vangelista] -ddragon.cpp: modified ddragon6809 machine config to actually reflect what's on the PCB [Ivan Vangelista] -netlist: Add log() to pfunction. [Aaron Giles] -netlist: Add a parameter to varclock. [Aaron Giles] -netlist: Align design VARCLOCK to AFUNC. [Aaron Giles] -netlist: add more constructors and () operator to pfunction. [couriersud] -Add Monkey King 3B SoC skeleton and RS-70 system (#6906) [David Shah] New machines marked as NOT_WORKING ---------------------------------- RS-70 648-in-1 [David Shah] -mk3b: Added a skeleton driver for the Monkey King 3B SoC. [David Shah] -devices/machine/6850acia.cpp, device/machine/upd4992.cpp, mame/video/jangou_blitter.cpp: fixed initializations issues that were causing problems in devnoclear debug builds (nw) [Ivan Vangelista] -devices/video/dp8350: initialized one variable which caused issues in debug devnoclear builds (nw) [Ivan Vangelista] -sothello: simplify maincpu-subcpu comms, game works again [hap] -Fix visual build. Change return value to same type as expected. [Ted Green] -devices/machine/saa1043, mame/video/k057714: fixed some initialization problems noticed in debug devnoclear builds [Ivan Vangelista] -netlist: add progress indicator to nltool. [couriersud] * When running a netlist "--progress" may be used to display a progress indicator. -netlist: fix pfunction if [couriersud] * The if postfix evaluation corrupted the stack. -netlist: Fix polarity of 74LS125 tristate input. [couriersud] -mdos dsk: fix the cells size and gaps, make clear its Motorola MDOS [68bit] -devices/cpu/h8/h8dma, devices/machine/generalplus_gpl16250soc, devices/machine/spg110_video: initialize some variables which were causing malfunctions in debug devnoclear builds (nw) [Ivan Vangelista] -taito_l: remove old debug logging, fix fhawk rombank mask [hap] -naomi.cpp minor bios version note [MetalliC] -eprom: Fix MT 07691 [AJR] -cowrace: Fix MT 07690 [AJR] -rf5c400.cpp: Minor revert PR #6887 (#6889) [cam900] -devices/bus/hp_hil/hlemouse, devices/machine/arm_iomd, mame/machine/mct_adr: initialize some variables that were causing problems in debug devnoclear builds [Ivan Vangelista] -ondra: cleanup, added sound. [Robbbert] New NOT_WORKING software list additions (mobigo_cart.xml) (#6902) ----------------------------------------------------------------- Dreamworks Shrek - Forever After (US) [TeamEurope] Disney Princess (USA, alt) [TeamEurope] Sesame Street - Elmo and Abby - Nature Explorers (USA) [TeamEurope] Disney/Pixar Brave (USA) [TeamEurope] Disney Jake and the Neverland Pirates (USA, alt) [TeamEurope] -Also Fixed 'tbell' hash and sorted the list (nw) [ClawGrip] -vsmilem_cart.xml: Add some serials, update notes, and rename a set to follow naming convention (nw) (#6900) [ClawGrip] -New machines marked as NOT_WORKING (#6892) [ClawGrip] New machines marked as NOT_WORKING ---------------------------------- Far West [Victor Fernandez (City Game), ClawGrip] -Add 'cfarwest' (nw) [ClawGrip] -microdar.cpp: fixed validation error [Ivan Vangelista] -devices/machine/8042kbdc, mame/machine/s32comm: initialize variables which caused problems in debug devnoclear builds [Ivan Vangelista] -Fixed arcade build (#6910) [MASH] * Fixed arcade build * Added special_gambl.cpp to arcade.flt * Fixed arcade build * Added audio\special.cpp/h to arcade.lua -sgi_mips_hdd: new software list additions (#6903) [Davide Cavalca] -bus/qbus/qbus.cpp: fixed missing initialization that was causing crashes in devnoclear debug builds [Ivan Vangelista] New clones marked as NOT_WORKING -------------------------------- Last Action Hero (1.04 France) [PinMAME] -Added correct ROMs for pentacup2 [PinMAME] -netlist: Add basic unit testing support. [couriersud] * Add google test syntax compatible unit testing support. This is a very limited subset of the google test framework and not intended ever to be a replacement. Adding a dependency to google test for the functionality required was considered to be an overkill. * nltool -c tests runs unit tests if linked in. This is *not* the case for the version of nltool compiled with TOOLS=1. * Added unit tests for plib::pfunction. -netlist: remove soft reset support. [couriersud] * Electronic circuits and base components like resistors or capacitors do not have a reset line. You can use them to create reset circuits. There is thus no point to support soft reset, the equivalent to pressing the reset button. * Fixed some bugs around reset and start up logic. * This also fixes the "scramble F3" crash. -ondra: removed bank2 since it is just fixed ram [Robbbert] -m6809: Still perform an IRQ acknowledge cycle on software interrupts. Fixes Fairlight CMI IIx memory-map diagnostics. [Ryan Holtz] -cmi01a: Initial framework for ticking envelope timer. [Ryan Holtz] -cmi2x: Completely reworked memory mapping. Performance no logner tanks during disk or screen accesses. [Ryan Holtz] -hp_ipc: fixed timer reloading in COP452 (#6914) [fulivi] -new WORKING machines (plug and play) (#6909) [David Haywood] new WORKING machines -------------------- Totally Spies! (France) [TeamEurope, David Haywood] PDC150 Tactile - Pocket Dream Console (VideoJet, France) [TeamEurope, David Haywood] PDC200 - Pocket Dream Console (VideoJet, France) [TeamEurope, David Haywood] Guitar Buster [Sean Riddle, David Haywood] new NOT WORKING machines ------------------------ Marvel Avengers TV Game Console (32-bit) (Lexibook) [TeamEurope, David Haywood] Wireless Duet Play Ping-Pong [Sean Riddle, David Haywood, Dave 'Foxhack' Silva] new NOT WORKING software list entries ------------------------------------- tvgogo.xml: Basketball (US) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood] -taitogn: sianniv doesn't have zsg2 sound [hap] -mpu4vid.cpp: Added AY8913 sound chip back to MPU4Video boards to fix the 'lock in warning' sounds in The Crystal Maze. Adjusted internal layouts to fix ESCAPE button alignment. [James Wallace] * v4mate and clones: adjusted clock speed of sampled sound board, fixes playback. Adjusted inputs to match reports in test mode. -netlist: pfunction now supports unary minus operators. [couriersud] -netlist: update documenation on noise sources. [couriersud] -k007232.cpp: Updates sound routines (#6857) [cam900] * k007232.cpp: Updates and cleanup [cam900] - Use device_memory_interface for fetching sample - Fix frequency behavior - Allow dynamic clock changes - Use shorter/correct type values - Simplify update routine -Williams System 11C "background" Audio Board: Add PIA portb and cb2 write callbacks and synchronize fences, and hook them up, this fixes the "MUSIC ERROR" and various bg-music feedback-triggered sounds in Williams System 11C pinballs, i.e. the "song" in Dr. Dude works correctly now. This is also preparation for renaming this device to "Williams D-11581 Audio Board" as the same PCB is also used on some Midway Y-unit arcade games, some Williams System 11A pinballs and all Williams System 11B pinballs (except Jokerz), not just on Williams System 11C pinballs. [Lord Nightmare] -rf5c400.cpp: Modernized save states, Allow clock changed behavior Add imperfect_features related to unemulated effects and unverified envelope issues [cam900] -Add notes to Williams D-11581 Audio Board device [Lord Nightmare] -tigeroad.cpp: enabled save state support, minor cleanups (nw) [Ivan Vangelista] -sfkick.cpp: switched to bankdev (adapting pengadvb.cpp implementation), enabled save state support [Ivan Vangelista] -devices/bus/amiga/zorro/a590.cpp: dumped bios version 5.92 for the A2091 [Guru] -supertnk.cpp: enabled save state support [Ivan Vangelista] -Williams System 11B: switched to use the Williams D-11581 "Audio Board" device instead of its own implementation. Document the switches needing to be held to get in-game in all of the System 11B pinballs. Fill out the remainder of the System 11B switch matrix to allow all 64 possible switches to be hit. [Lord Nightmare] -Plug and Play (Wireless Fitness) + some GBA pirate stuff (#6921) [David Haywood] new WORKING machine ------------------- Wireless Fitness / Dance Fit (Senario) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood, anonymous, Kev (FBN)] new software list entries ------------------------- gba.xml: [David Haywood] Rayman IV (Rayman - Sunshine of Trip) (unlicensed) (protection hacked) [RibShark] Rayman IV (Rayman - Puteshestviye Solnechnogo Sveta) (unlicensed) (Russian) (protection hacked) [taizou] Leiman IV - Guangming Zhi Lv (unlicensed) (Chinese) (protection hacked) [ä¾µèš€ä½ çš„ç§å¤„] Super Mario DX (unlicensed) (protection hacked) [taizou] Chaoji Maliou DX (unlicensed) (Chinese) (protection hacked) [yy小龙虾] Crash Advance IV (unlicensed) (protection hacked) [taizou] Digimon - Ruby and Sapphire (unlicensed) (protection hacked) [taizou] Pokemon - Sapphire Version (unlicensed) (protection hacked) [taizou] Sonic 3 - Fighter Sonic (unlicensed) (protection hacked) [taizou] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 (unlicensed) (protection hacked) [taizou] The Lord of the Rings IV - The Fellowship of the Ring (unlicensed) (protection hacked) [taizou] Ultraman - Confrontation Between Justice And Evil (Ul'traman - Konfrontatsiya mezhdu spravedlivost'yu i zlom) (unlicensed) (Russian) (protection hacked) [taizou] X-Man - Armour of Might (X-men) (unlicensed) (Russian) (protection hacked) [taizou] -Minor System 11 Audio notes updates/fixes, [Lord-Nightmare] -cave.cpp: Use gfxdecode for sprite decoding (#6920) [cam900] * Use generic gfx layout for 4bpp tilemap, Reduce duplicates, Unnecessary values -tourvis.cpp: Add BIOS V4-54 [Juan Romero, ClawGrip] (#6919) [ClawGrip] -pdp11: replace GPL code (nw) (#6923) [shattered] -gba.xml: line 41662: fixed validation error [Robbbert] -pdp11.h: make the enum uint16_t [hap] -cmi01a: Checkpoint so Phil can have a look, nw [Ryan Holtz] -epos: added IGMO's color prom, palette is now correct [Andrew Welburn, Craig Anstett] -tvgogo.xml: XML format fixes (nw) [Scott Stone] -sgi_mips_hdd: new software list additions (#6915) [Davide Cavalca] -Update ibm5150.xml (#6912) [ArcadeShadow] * Dragon's Lair (5.25"), Leisure Suit Larry Goes Looking for Love (in Several Wrong Places) (5.25"), Leisure Suit Larry Goes Looking for Love (in Several Wrong Places) (3.5") -goldnpkr.cpp: Clean-ups, fixes, updated links, and a new addition. [Roberto Fresca] New working clones ------------------ Jack Potten's Poker (set 13, ICP-1 PCB) [Roberto Fresca, Matt B] -Fix clang error: private field 'm_ram_indices' is not used [-Werror,-Wunused-private-field] -bishi.cpp, konmedal68k.cpp: moved dobouchn from the former driver to the latter, GFX are mostly corrected [Ivan Vangelista] -galaxian.cpp: marked one of sirio2's program ROMs as bad bishi.h: removed donouchn machine config I had forgotten in the last commit pcat_dyn.cpp: apply same ROM patch to toursol1 that is already used to bypass protection in toursol [Ivan Vangelista] -looping.cpp: enabled save state support [Ivan Vangelista] -pcat_dyn.cpp: removed helpers I had accidentally left in [Ivan Vangelista] New working clones ------------------ Ms. Pac-Man (Novatronic bootleg) [Juan Romero, ClawGrip] -polylgcy.cpp: Fix outdated missing MAX macros used for statistics [Ted Green] -validity.cpp: Added checks for bilinear filter vector routines [Ted Green] -orion, partner, radio86, mikrosha, apogee: small cleanup [Robbbert] * ondra: fixed bug, updated xml. -goldnpkr.cpp: Merged animpkr and animpkra. They are just one set with banked programs. Added technical notes. [Roberto Fresca] -mpu4vid: allow v4strike and v4barqst to decode questions and fix some clone relationships (#6930) [David Haywood] New working clones ------------------ Ms. Pac-Man (bootleg, set 3) [Andrew Welburn] -progolf.cpp: documented differing opcode in progolfa which causes the wrong ball positioning (nw) [Ivan Vangelista] -llc2: cleanup, added cassette [Robbbert] -Truco-Tron: Cleaned up the driver and improved the documentation. [Roberto Fresca] -simpsons: correct refresh rate [hap] -simpsons: get rid of black borders/improve screen aspect ratio [hap] New working machine added (#6935) --------------------------------- Micro Vs. System: Donkey Kong Hockey [algestam, Ryan Holtz] -hh_sm510: share common input ports for Micro Vs System [hap] -ui: able to show emulation warnings from tab menu [hap] -ui: allow to skip warning popup at start [hap] -gnw_dkong3: Add pcb label (#6936) [algestam] -Begin pruning of redundant #includes (nw) [Scott Stone] -Revert "ui: allow to skip warning popup at start" [Vas Crabb] * This reverts commit 74f456df945cd1720dc4d6bc105f64c13e62ced8. * I will allow the feature with the following conditions: - No skipping red warnings. - A key-value map of device shortnames and yellow warnings must be stored in the .cfg file, along with a timestamp of the last time the system was run and the last time a warning was shown. - On starting a system, the map of device shortnames and yellow warnings must be built and compared to the one loaded from the .cfg file. If it doesn't match, if the system hasn't been started in seven days, or a yellow warning hasn't been shown in 14 days, the warning is not to be skipped. New machines marked as NOT_WORKING ---------------------------------- Proteus/1 16-Bit Multi-Timbral Digital Sound Module [DBWBP] Proteus/1 XR 16-Bit Multi-Timbral Digital Sound Module [DBWBP] Pro/Cussion Maximum Percussion Module [DBWBP] Vintage Keys Classic Analog Keyboards [DBWBP] Orbit 9090 - The Dance Planet [DBWBP] Planet Phatt [DBWBP] Carnaval - Jugando con Fuego [DBWBP] -drcbe: fixed logging problem [Patrick Mackinlay] -ui: fix initial message popups not showing on d3d/bgfx [hap] -ui: swap order of popup screens (gameinfo first, warnings second), add "press any key" to gameinfo [hap] -ibm5150.xml: fix dataarea sizes (nw) [r09] -emu68k.cpp: Minor update [AJR] -drcbex86: implemented asmjit emitter [Patrick Mackinlay] -Remove x86emit.h [AJR] -sgi_mips.xml: New additions (#6899) [Michael D] * sgi_mips.xml: Add Hot Mix 5 and 7 CDs * sgi_mips.xml: Add missing CDs for SupportFolio 10/96 * sgi_mips.xml: Add SupportFolio 2/97 and 4/97 CDs * sgi_mips.xml: Add SupportAdvantage 10/94 and 6/95 CDs -sgi_mips.xml: fix bad dump (nw) (#6904) [Michael D] -sgi_mips: new software list additions (#6905) [Davide Cavalca] -pc98_cd.xml: 15 new dumps, 11 replacements (#6934) [r09] * New dumps from redump.org (working): * Chiemi & Naomi F15 Strike Eagle III if 2 - Invitations from Fantastic Stories Manami no Doko made Iku no? 2 - Return of the Kuro Pack Phobos Pro Student G (ALS-0010) YES! HG - Erotic Voice Version Yuurou - Transient Sands * New dumps from redump.org (not working): * DOR Special Edition '93 DOR Special Edition '93 (alt) Kanji Land 3-nen Kyrandia II - The Hand of Fate Lemon Cocktail Collection Lip 3 - Lipstick Adventure 3 Mirage 2 - Torry, Neat & Roan Fairladies in MagicLand * Replaced entries with dumps from redump.org: * Branmarker 2 Eimmy to Yobanaide Lesser Mern - Special Director's Edition Mahjong de Pon! Saint Diary - Kiyoka-chan no Nikki Takamizawa Kyousuke - Nekketsu!! Kyouiku Kenshuu The Legend of Kyrandia Tuned Heart Vastness - Kuukyo no Ikenie-tachi Youjuu Senki 2 - Reimei no Senshi-tachi Zenith - Full Animation Adventure Series #1 * Most of these discs are hybrid (they work on both PC-98x1 and FM Towns), so their CHDs are exactly the same as in fmtowns_cd.xml. -llc1: cleaned, added notes, marked as working [Robbbert] -Revert "ui: fix initial message popups not showing on d3d/bgfx" [hap] * This reverts commit 3db9e11031c1eed826eacd12f6827d80f06413b8. -netlist: pfunction supports unary minus and removed duplicate code. [couriersud] -netlist: remove some warning suppression from makefile. [couriersud] -netlist: fix signedness warnings in ptime.h [couriersud] -netlist: unit test macros now have a "P" prefix. [couriersud] * will allow to use both googletest and Catch frameworks. * on unexpected std::exception include what() in error message. -netlist: add 74121 device and refactor 74123 code. [couriersud] * added 74121 device * migrate dip devices to netlist devices * refactor code to be based on device description structs -netlist: Add 74113 device. [Aaron Giles] -dec8.cpp: Redumped and verified the i8751 MCU for Captain Silver (World) [Hammy & TeamEurope] -megaplay.cpp: Added two more motherboard PLDs [caius] (#6939) [ClawGrip] -mpu4vid temp protection workaround + lexibook Toy Story 3 (#6937) [David Haywood] * mpu4vid updates: - basic layout and input tweaks to v4addlad [James Wallace] - Protection workarounds to get more games showing video [David Haywood] new NOT WORKING machines ------------------------ Toy Story 3 (Lexibook) [Sean Riddle, Kamaal Brown, David Haywood] -mc6852 - implement more functionality, add byte interface. (#6931) [68bit] -New machines added as WORKING [68bit] New machines added as WORKING ----------------------------- Motorola EXORterm 155 [68bit] New machines marked as NOT_WORKING ---------------------------------- Sport Dart TV [Victor Fernandez (City Game), ClawGrip] -Add 'sprtdart' (nw) [ClawGrip] -m72.cpp: Dumped the Image Fight (World) i8751 MCU. [Hammy, TeamEurope, The Dumping Union] -Pruning of redundant #includes located in src/mame/* (nw) [Scott Stone] -New Working Clone - Witch Star [Brian Troha, The Dumping Union] -Pruning of redundant #includes located in src/devices/bus/* (nw) [Scott Stone] -Remove more redundant #includes from src/mame [AJR] -glcx.cpp: Fix typo in documentation [AJR] -gigatron: some more work (#6940) [Sterophonick] * gigatron: some more work * cleanup, more callbacks, start on video generation logic * gigatron: some more video work * (nw) * gigatron: remove random * (nw) -New working clones (#6924) [ClawGrip] New working clones ------------------ Robotron: 2084 (Unidesa license) [Juan Romero, ClawGrip] -Add 'robotronun' (nw) [ClawGrip] -williams.cpp: Change "FAMARE S.A." -> "Famaresa" (nw) [ClawGrip] -New working clones (#6918) [ClawGrip] New working clones ------------------ Galaxian (Cirsa Spanish bootleg) [Juan Romero, ClawGrip] -Add 'galaxcirsa' (nw) [ClawGrip] -ymz280b.cpp: Modernize save state, Fix frequency calculation (#6922) [cam900] * Allow side effects, Reduce unnecessary defines, Use shorter/correct type names, Fix spacings, Add notes -Fix clang error: unused variable 'FRAC_MASK' [-Werror,-Wunused-const-variable] -ibm5150: add XENIX Development System [Davide Cavalca] -netlist: Forgot this as part of the 74113 change. [Aaron Giles] -gigatron.cpp: fixed validation [Ivan Vangelista] -Pruning of redundant #includes located in src/devices/machine/* and src/frontend/mame/* (nw) [Scott Stone] -New working clones (#6944) [ClawGrip] New working clones ------------------ Zero Time (Spanish bootleg) [Juan Romero, ClawGrip] -spectrum: implemented Speccy-DOS and FloppyOne DOS interfaces, add "IC-DOS" Beta Plus clone [MetalliC] New working clones ------------------ Astro Fighter (set 4) [Juan Romero, ArcadeHacker, Roberto Fresca, ClawGrip] Machines promoted to working ---------------------------- unknown rocket/animal-themed poker [Roberto Fresca] -tec1: updated notes [Robbbert] -goldnpkr: fix build issue (#6945) [Davide Cavalca] -ec65: cleanup, added notes [Robbbert] -phatt: Use full system name [AJR] -midzeus: Moved some Zeus2-specific members into the appropriate subclass, and added more state registration. [Ryan Holtz] -tsb12lv01a: Added a skeleton device for the TI TSB12LV01A IEEE 1394 link-layer controller. [Ryan Holtz] -ibm21s850: Added a skeleton device for the iBM 21S850 IEEE 1394 PHY controller. [Ryan Holtz] -netlist: improve dealing with non-convergence situations. [couriersud] * No changes for well-behaved netlists. * Netlists reporting "newton loops exceeded" messages should now report a lot less of these messages. * In case newton-raphson does not converge, netlist will reset the state back to the beginning of the timestep. It will than use a number of very small timesteps to hopefully deal with the non-convergence due to a too big timesteps. Afterwards solving continues using dynamic timestepping until the time-slice is complete. * This is a lot better than the previous approach. * This is meant as a performance optimization helper. Ideally, your netlists never produce "newton loops exceeded" messages. * Any events for connected analog and digital inputs will happen after the timeslice is complete. Thus this approach - as the previous one - are not suited for high-frequency (such as video outputs) situations. In these case, only dynamic timestepping or reducing the fixed timestep are a suitable solution. -netlist: use threads on netlist logs. [couriersud] * This significantly increases the performance of output/terminal logs. * Adds a psemaphore class to pmulti_threading.h. -netlist: fix 74121 clocking logic. [Aaron Giles] -fix YMZ280 breakage. on the side note, it is pretty sad to see neither of persons who did PR and other who merged it didn't tested these changes. [MetalliC] -ymz280b.cpp: Better fix for signed arithmetic issue [AJR] -Update RTD docs theme to 0.5.0 to fix search box. [Firehawke] -vsmile: Fixed inputs. [Ryan Holtz] -vsmile_cart: Checked all games flagged as no inputs, all that use a standard controller now work. [Ryan Holtz] New working clones ------------------ Hammerin' Harry (World, M84 hardware bootleg) [ClawGrip, Roberto Fresca, Recreativas.org, The Dumping Union] -netlist: fix power pin names for CMOS devices. [couriersud] * For truthtable cmos devices the power pin names will now be set according to the logic family. * Fix some issues for CD4538 * Change "already connected" warning to info level. Some ICs (CD4538) connect pins internally to GND and the schematics again externally. This will cause this info to be printed. The warning now is a lot more verbose. -netlist: first batch of explicit handlers. [couriersud] * Currently devices use the "update" function if no handler is given for an input. * For this to work the update function has to be virtual. This will cause issues on shared execution schemes like CPU/GPU using nvcc. * This is the first batch of changes to ensure that handler resolution is static. -netlist: emit a warning every 100 invocations of nr resolution. [couriersud] -vsmile_ctrl: Disable verbose logging (nw) [Ryan Holtz] -mccpm: added fdc, bankdev, notes [Robbbert] -exorterm: more realistic layout screen aspect ratio. [68bit] * This change adjusts the aspect ratio to bring it close to that in the photo of the screen in the manual. The monitor has a 4:3 aspect ratio. The character area resolution is 720x288 pixels and the prior 1:1 dot ratio was far from realistic. -netlist: next batch of explicit handlers. [couriersud] -netlist: another batch of explicit handler refactoring. [couriersud] -ibm21s850, tsb12lv01a: Assorted fixes, nw. The Grid no longer hangs. [Ryan Holtz] -netlist: and the next batch of non-virtual handlers. [couriersud] -netlist: finished input handler refactoring. [couriersud] * all inputs now explicitly specify a signal handler. -netlist: Always take power pin names from logic family. [couriersud] * Default nmos power pins to VCC and GND. * MOS uses VDD/VSS - update gamemachine netlist. -spectrum: add Logitek Proceed 1 C1541 disk interface (not fully working yet) [MetalliC] -(nw) [MetalliC] New working machines -------------------- AVR-Max Chess Computer [hap] New working clones ------------------ AVR-Max-Schachzwerg [hap] -megadriv.xml: correct typo [hap] -ibm21s850: Added skeleton 21S851 support, hooked it up in midzeus2 to accurately reflect the PHY model used. [Ryan Holtz] -Machines promoted to working (#6952) [ClawGrip] Machines promoted to working ---------------------------- V.Smile Motion [Ryan Holtz] New machines marked as NOT_WORKING ---------------------------------- Sony NWS-3860 [Plamen Mihaylov, Patrick Mackinlay] -m68kfpu: eplicitly set rounding mode for frem [Patrick Mackinlay] -dac: Add ZN426E device [Dirk Best] -i8255: Set ibf flag in output mode for port a [Dirk Best] -samcoupe: Rework driver (WIP) [Dirk Best] * Rewrite memory system, now allows supporting expansion devices and better prepared for contention emulation * Add expansion interfaces for rear expansion, drive ports and mouse * Now supports the following rear expansion devices: - Blue Alpha Sound Sampler - Dallas Clock - 1 Mb Interface - SAMBUS 4-slot Expansion Interface (with clock) - SID Interface (6581 and 8580 variants) - S.P.I. SAM Parallel Interface - Voicebox * Added support for the Atom HDD interface, used in place of a floppy drive * Simplified and cleaned up driver * Temporarily deactivated joystick code, interferes with the keyboard -bus/bbc/userport: Renamed palette.h->palext.h [Nigel Barnes] -bus/bbc/tube: Added Acorn Z80 2nd Processor (Winchester) device. [Nigel Barnes] -abc110: Use Z80 coprocessor with Z80 Tube 2.00, now supports Winchester. [Nigel Barnes] * abc310: Connect Acorn mouse to Userport. -bus/bbc/tube: Added Torch Z80 Communicator variants for B, B+ and Master. [Nigel Barnes] -Software list items promoted to working (vsmilem_cart.xml) (#6954) [ClawGrip] Software list items promoted to working --------------------------------------- vsmilem_cart: [ClawGrip] Action Mania (USA, Rev. 4?), Action Mania (USA, Rev. 6?), Action Mania (USA), Sport Games (Netherlands), Sportskanone (Germany), Sporti'Folies (France), Action Mania (Spain), Disney/Pixar Cars - Vollgas in Radiator Springs (Germany), Disney/Pixar Cars - Quatre Roues (France), Disney/Pixar Cars - Acelera el Motor en Radiador Springs (Spain), Disney/Pixar Cars 2 (Germany), Disney/Pixar Cars 2 (France), Disneys Princess Cinderella - Lernen im Marchenland (Germany, Rev. 2?), Disneys Princess Cinderella - Lernen im Marchenland (Germany), Walt Disney Cendrillon - Le reve enchante de Cendrillon (France), Nickelodeon Dora the Explorer - Dora's Fix It Adventure (USA, Rev. 3?), Nick Jr Dora - Dora's Reparatie Avontuur (Netherlands), Nick Dora - Doras Reparatur-Abenteuer (Germany), Nick Dora - Doras Reparatur-Abenteuer (Germany, Rev. 2), Nickelodeon Dora L'Exploratrice - Les adventures de Dora Apprentie Mecano (France), Le Monde de Nemo - Nemo a la decourverte de l'ocean (France), Disney Handy Manny (USA, Rev. 2?), Disney Meister Manny's Werkzeugkiste (Germany), Disney Manny et ses outils (France), DreamWorks Kung Fu Panda - Der Weg des Panda (Germany), DreamWorks Kung Fu Panda - La mission de Po (France), Disney's Little Einsteins (USA, Rev. 5?), Disney's Little Einsteins (USA, Rev. 2?), Disney's Kleine Einsteins (Germany, Rev. 2?), Disney's Kleine Einsteins (Germany), Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (USA), Disney Micky Maus Wunderhaus (Germany), Disney La Maison de Mickey (France, Rev. 005), Disney La Casa de Mickey Mouse (Spain), DreamWorks Monsters vs. Aliens (USA, Rev. 3?), DreamWorks Monsters vs. Aliens (Germany), DreamWorks Monstres contre Aliens (France), DreamWorks Monstruos contra Alienigenas (Spain), Mijn Puppy! (Netherlands), Mein erster Hund (Germany), Mon Youtou tout fou! (France), NASCAR Academy - Race Car Superstar (USA), Nickelodeon Ni Hao Kai Lan - Happy Chinese New Year! (USA), Nickelodeon Ni Hao Kai Lan - Joyeux Nouvel an chinois! (France), Oui-Oui - Detective d'un Jour (France), Disney Winnie L'ourson - La Chasse au miel de Winnie (France), Disney Winnie the Pooh - En busca de la miel (Spain), Disney Princess - The Princess and the Frog - Tiana's Big Dream (UK), Disney Princess - Disney Kuss den Frosch - Tianas grosser Traum (Germany), Disney Princess - Disney La Princesse Et La Grenouille - Le grand reve de Tiana (France), Scooby-Doo! - Panique a Funland (France), Scooby-Doo!! - Misterio en el parque (Spain), Soccer Challenge (USA), Fussball Meisterschaft (Germany), Football Challenge (France), Marvel Spider-Man & Friends - Secret Missions (USA), Marvel Spider-Man & Freunde - Geheime Missionen (Germany), Marvel Spider-Man & ses amis - Missions Secretes (France), Nickelodeon Spongebob Schwammkopf - Der Tag des Schwamms (Germany), Thomas - Freunde halten zusammen (Germany), TinkerBell (USA, Rev. 2?), TinkerBell (Germany), La fee Clochette (France), Disney/Pixar Toy Story 3 (USA), Disney/Pixar Toy Story 3 (Germany), Disney/Pixar Toy Story 3 (France), Disney/Pixar Toy Story 3 (Spain), Disney/Pixar La-Haut (France), Disney/Pixar UP (Spain), Disney/Pixar Wall-E (USA, Rev. 2?), Disney/Pixar Wall-E (Germany), Disney/Pixar Wall-E (France), Disney/Pixar Wall-E (Spain), Martin Le Dauphin (France), Wintersport (Germany), Nickelodeon Wonder Pets! - Save the Animals! (UK) [Ryan Holtz] -Fixed some game names / years / parent-clone relationships (nw) [ClawGrip] -vsmile: Fixed cartridge CS2 select hookup. [Ryan Holtz] Software list items promoted to working --------------------------------------- vsmile_cart: [Ryan Holtz] Disney's Little Einsteins (Spain), Disney Manny et ses outils (France), Disney Mickey - Mickey à la Recherche De Pluto (France), Scooby-Doo - Misterio en el Parque (Spain), V.Smile Art Studio (USA), V.Smile Zeichenatelier (Germany), V.Smile Studio De Dessin (France), V.Smile Estudio De Arte (Spain) [Ryan Holtz] vsmilem_cart: [Ryan Holtz] Shrek Forever After (USA), Für immer Shrek (Germany), Shrek 4 - Il était une fin (France) [Ryan Holtz] -sgi_mips.xml: XML format fixes (nw) [Scott Stone] New machines marked as NOT_WORKING ---------------------------------- Captain Lucky [Siftware] New working clones ------------------ 4-in-1 (version SWS1-052587) [Siftware] New Lucky 8 Lines (set 11, W-4) [Siftware] -srmp6.cpp: enabled save state support (nw) [Ivan Vangelista] -mpu4vid.cpp: hookup joystick interfaces to Tetris Payout and Prize Space Invaders [Angelo Salese] -netlist: reduce overshoot impact on NE555 astable frequency. [couriersud] * If TRIG and TRESH are connected overshoot compensation will be enabled. The approach is raw but delivers results (at 5 to 10 steps per discharge/charge) within a couple of percent. Please take into account that any datasheet formulas are idealistic. Neither capacitor, resistor, internal resistor tolerances are taken into account. Nor are ambient temperature and chip temperature. -avr8: Fixed assorted Timer 0 and Timer 1 bugs. [Ryan Holtz] -avr8dasm: Fixed erroneous disassembly of CBI, SBI, SBIS, and SBIC opcodes. [Ryan Holtz] New working machines -------------------- Power Ninja Action Challenge [Ryan Holtz] -avr8: remove duplicate notes (they are in the cpp) [hap] -mpu4vid.cpp: Added inputs and layout for Strike it Lucky, corrected inputs for Adders and Ladders. [James Wallace] * mpu4.cpp: Added support for simple LED extender used by MPU4Video games. New working machines -------------------- The Hardware Chiptune Project [Ryan Holtz] -lft: fix compile? [hap] -New WORKING machines [David Haywood] -Use gcc broken friend workaround also with clang 8 (#6933) [Tiago] * Use gcc broken friend workaround also with clang 8 -lft_craft, lft_chiptune: Split 'craft' source into two drivers, fixed attribution for hwchiptn, fixed placeholder hashes for hwchiptn, nw [Ryan Holtz] -spectrum: add "SDI" VC1541 disk interface (not working), Logitek Proceed1 notes. [MetalliC] -trd_dsk.cpp add more formats, improve image type detection [MetalliC] -twinbee: Fix VLM5030 speech at least halfway [AJR] -s550: Improve RAM banking [AJR] -lft_chiptune: Actually fixed ROM checksum. Don't code while tired, folks. nw [Ryan Holtz] -blackt96.cpp, littlerb.cpp: enabled save state support [Ivan Vangelista] -segaybd.cpp: dumped GLOC drive board ROM and added placeholders for the ones for Power Drift and Galaxy Force 2 [Guru] -nemesis.cpp: Fix copy-and-paste mistake in c85054ada8c86d2b8716822e0afb0f7b6b7c9eaf [AJR] -pcm: added banking [Robbbert] -Implement FDS sound emulation (#6953) [cam900] * Implement FDS sound emulation -mw8080bw: multiple improvements to gunfight netlist audio [Colin Douglas Howell] * Model for transistors adjusted, replacing default NPN transistor model with a high-gain NPN transistor type that more closely resembles those used by the real Gun Fight sound circuits. This has a quite obvious effect on the shot sounds, and it seems the circuits were designed for this effect. * Made all volume potentiometers user-adjustable; previously fixed at 50%. * Replaced abstract model of noise generator with component-level one, including a model of the generator's zener diode. Zener noise is provided by an associated Gaussian white noise source running off a 48 kHz clock. Both the zener diode and Gaussian white noise source are component models recently added to the netlist library. * Supply voltage to amplifying transistors tweaked downward from 16.5 volts to 16 volts, determined by properly analyzing power supply circuit and confirmed with a documented reference. * Much more commentary describing the sound circuits' function and modeling issues. -busicom,sdk86,pcm: small cleanup [Robbbert] New machines marked as NOT_WORKING ---------------------------------- Intelligent Chess [hap, Berger, Achim] -Update ibm5150.xml (#6946) [ArcadeShadow] * Bloodwych (USA), Bloodwych (Quest & Glory Compilation) (Euro), The Colonel's Bequest (5.25"), The Colonel's Bequest (3.5"), Xenon 2: Megablast -Update ibm5170.xml (#6947) [ArcadeShadow] * B-17 Flying Fortress (5.25") -mpu4vid.cpp: Added inputs and layout for Barquest and Barquest 2, added DIL switches to Prize Space Invaders and Prize Tetris. [James Wallace] * All games in this driver now default to a common set of inputs for easier discovery. mpu4.cpp: Corrected typo in logger. New working machines -------------------- Micro Chess [hap, Berger, Achim] -intchess: add screen [hap] -intchess: add 7seg panel to layout [hap] -tempest: andy corrected some romlabels [hap] -netlist: Fix Inductor state saving. [couriersud] -netlist: code maintenance. [couriersud] * more handler alignment * dead code removal * remove update calls which do nothing -netlist: comment out empty reset and update calls [couriersud] -netlist: avoid ne555 oscillation due to overshoot compensation [couriersud] -bbc_tube_z80/bbc_tube_zep100: Clear RAM at startup and fix save state size. [Nigel Barnes] -avr8: Added support for Timer 1 'Fast PWM with ICR' mode. [Ryan Holtz] New working machines -------------------- Phasor [Ryan Holtz] Machines promoted to working ---------------------------- Intelligent Chess [hap, Berger, Achim] -special: cleanups. Fixed cassette loading at first screen. Improved pioner. Specimx bios 1 and 2 are now usable. [Robbbert] -leland.cpp: Identified Danger Zone as rev 2, corrected ROM labels and updated documentation. [Brian Troha] -intchess: blend mask bugfix in .lay file [hap] -nld_4066.cpp: Fix clang error: no matching constructor for initialization of 'analog::nld_twoterm' [AJR] -lft_chiptune.cpp, lft_craft.cpp, lft_phasor.cpp: Use UTF8 escapes in strings to be safe [AJR] -bus/spectrum/opus.cpp fix activation logic [MetalliC] -special_gambl.cpp add screen raw params, notes [MetalliC] -spectrum: implemented Swift Disc and Swift Disc II interfaces [MetalliC] -nld_4066.cpp: Actually fix build for now [AJR] -Fix the input matrices in Williams System 11/A/B/C and the WPC Alphanumeric drivers, so all possible inputs can be triggered with keyboard keys. Fixes lack of coins (which are mapped in a non-standard location) in the WPC versions of Dr. Dude. Add some notes about the WPC S11 sound interface adapter board used by WPC version of Dr. Dude and the prototype version of Funhouse. [Lord Nightmare] -funtech.cpp: Corrected fts2in1 DIP switch connections, DIP switch settings and button labels using manual as a guide. [Vas Crabb, Ioannis Bampoulas] -ibm5150: add PC/IX [Davide Cavalca] -(nw) leland.cpp: Fill in missing ROM labels for Viper. [braintro] -intchess: test 6502 nmi edge-trigger bug (remove || 1 and it works) [hap] -intchess: fix cassette data input [hap] -funtech.cpp: Use recommended button layout/labels from manual in fts2in1, also fixed coin/credit counter outputs. [Vas Crabb, Ioannis Bampoulas] -nanos,mod8,mc8030,konin: minor cleanup [Robbbert] -lucky74.cpp: enabled save state support [Ivan Vangelista] -system1.cpp: corrected dips for blockgal (partial fix of MT07702) [Ivan Vangelista] Machines promoted to working ---------------------------- Photo Y2K 2 / Chaoji Bi Yi Bi 2 / Dajia Lai Zhao Cha 2 / Real and Fake 2 Photo Y2K (M101XX 05/25/01 11:02:54) [iq_132, dink] Clones promoted to working -------------------------- Photo Y2K 2 / Chaoji Bi Yi Bi 2 / Dajia Lai Zhao Cha 2 / Real and Fake 2 Photo Y2K (ver. 100, Japanese Board) [iq_132, dink] -k1003: fixed display [Robbbert] -mpu4vid.cpp: Added payout shelf opto to v4psi [James Wallace] -Modular System: minor improvements [David Haywood] -v3021.cpp: updates [cam900] * Support serial interface * Implement RAM and address commands * Use device_rtc_interface for RTC handling -plugins/autofire: don't save 2bytes cfg file (#6960) [kunikuni] -mm74c922: data output pins are clocked the same time as DA pin [hap] -netlist: prepare road towards trapezoidal integration. [couriersud] * This is a long term transition goal. Documented in source (see NL_USE_BACKWARD_EULER). -netlist: add 74157 device. [Aaron Giles] -netlist: Potential regression trigger. [couriersud] * Removed update and NETLIB_UPDATE completely. * Startup initialization order may change. * This may cause regression tests to trigger. This is expected. Logic TTL devices do not have a defined power-up state. That's why reset circuits exist which create a reset signal *after* all power supply lines are stable. -netlist: Fix 4066 [couriersud] -mpu4vid: IPT_SPECIAL does not exist: validation failed [Robbbert] New machines marked as NOT_WORKING ---------------------------------- Tecnodarts [Victor Fernandez (City Game), ClawGrip] -sapi,homez80,dms5000,bob85,a7150: minor cleanup [Robbbert] -goldstar.cpp: rearranged lucky8l 57C49B-35 contents to what MAME expects, still not clear how the game generates the palette usually contained in the PROM at d13 [Ivan Vangelista] -Funhouse (L-2) [PinMAME] Funhouse (L-2, prototype PA-1 System 11 sound) [PinMAME] New machines marked as NOT_WORKING ---------------------------------- Football [PinMAME] New machines marked as NOT_WORKING ---------------------------------- El auto de papa [Victor Fernandez (City Game), ClawGrip] Susanita tiene un raton [Victor Fernandez (City Game), ClawGrip] -mc8030:don't write to regions; fk1: cleanup [Robbbert] -namcos2: Fix default gearshift binding in Four Trax [MASH] -New WORKING machines [68bit] New WORKING machines -------------------- Motorola M6800 EXORciser (M68SDT) [68bit] -Documentation updates (#6825) [Firehawke] * Documentation updates [Firehawke] - Preliminary work on -joystick_map redesign - Adjustments to phrasing for analog mapping - Health warning text -mess.lua: Fix build [AJR] -tecnodar: Fix mapping; add EEPROM [AJR] -homez80: added natural keyboard/paste [Robbbert] * irisha,sm1800,ht68k,tvc: cleanup New working machines -------------------- Chess Companion [hap, Berger, Achim] -bus/spectrum/beta128.cpp dumped "TR-DOS v5.02" firmware [haywire] -fix prev (nw) [MetalliC] -netlist: include timestamp in newton-raphson loop warnings. [couriersud] -aha1542c: ASIC note [AJR] -6502: nmi is edge triggered [hap] New working software list additions ----------------------------------- Starwars (Prototype 19930125) [Arcade Shadow] -tecnodar: Fix banking [AJR] -mac128.cpp: HW note [AJR] -tecnodar: Add input matrix [AJR] -Add ACB-2072 BIOS dumps and skeleton device [rfka01, minuszerodegrees.net] -Cleaned up the banking on the Williams System 11 Background Sound/Music board device to support banking up to 27c010 sized EPROMs, which are used on the prototype Funhouse pinball and on High Impact Football on Midway Y-Unit hardware. Added more notes about the operation/hookup and variants of the System 11 Background Sound/Music board. [Lord Nightmare] -Fixed rom loading for Funhouse prototype w/System 11 Sound HW [Lord Nightmare, pellew] -b2m: cleanup [Robbbert] -netlist: fix logging of final timestamp. [couriersud] -segas18.cpp: fixed MT07708 [Ivan Vangelista] -segaybd: add note regarding rchase freeplay [hap] -cpc_flop.xml: re-organised and cleaned up entries for Sly Spy - Secret Agent [Barry Rodewald] -plugins/autofire: don't save 2bytes cfg file (nw) (#6969) [kunikuni] * plugins/autofire: don't save 2bytes cfg file (nw) * Update autofire_save.lua -plugins/autofire: remove leftover code from first attempt at removing empty configuration files [Vas Crabb] -Fix an accidentally clobbered line during the System 11 Banking fix. Jokerz uses a completely different background sound board to the other System 11 games anyway, which will be the subject of a future commit. [Lord Nightmare, MASH] -Restore some standard library #includes, add some things that were used but not #included, and clean up some #include guards. [Vas Crabb] -ut88,unistar,tricep: cleanup [Robbbert] -primo: small cleanup [Robbbert] -mk85,mk90,a51xx,uknc,msbc1,sys9002: slight cleanup [Robbbert] -New working machine added (#6972) [algestam] New working machine added ------------------------- Bassmate Computer [algestam, Mr. Do] -samcoupe: Add support for the S D IDE Adapter [Dirk Best] -samcoupe/atom: Attach HDD by default, savestates [Dirk Best] -samcoupe/blue_sampler: Savestates [Dirk Best] -samcoupe/dallas: Init m_print variable [Dirk Best] -samcoupe/mouse: Savestates [Dirk Best] -geniusjr.cpp, glcx.cpp, pc2000.cpp: Document more alternate versions [AJR] -dinetwork: Set default network device to be none to avoid inadvertantly spamming a network [Ted Green] -machines promoted to WORKING (#6973) [David Haywood] machines promoted to WORKING ---------------------------- The Crystal Maze (v1.3) (MPU4 Video) [Ryan Holtz, James Wallace, David Haywood] The New Crystal Maze Featuring Ocean Zone (v2.2) (MPU4 Video) [Ryan Holtz, James Wallace, David Haywood] The Crystal Maze Team Challenge (v0.9) (MPU4 Video) [Ryan Holtz, James Wallace, David Haywood] The Mating Game (v0.4) (MPU4 Video) [Ryan Holtz, James Wallace, David Haywood] Adders and Ladders (v2.1) (MPU4 Video) [Ryan Holtz, James Wallace, David Haywood] Strike it Lucky (v0.5) (MPU4 Video) [Ryan Holtz, James Wallace, David Haywood] Barquest (v2.6) (MPU4 Video) [Ryan Holtz, James Wallace, David Haywood] Tetris Payout (BWB TET1 Version 2.2, set 1) (MPU4 Video) [Ryan Holtz, James Wallace, David Haywood, Angelo Salese] Blox (SJM BLOX, 50p/20p Play, Version 2.0) (MPU4 Video) [Ryan Holtz, James Wallace, David Haywood, Angelo Salese] Prize Tetris (BwB) (MPU4 Video) [Ryan Holtz, James Wallace, David Haywood, Angelo Salese] Vegas Poker (prototype, release 2) (MPU4 Video) [Ryan Holtz, James Wallace, David Haywood, Highwayman] clones promoted to WORKING -------------------------- The Crystal Maze (v1.2) (MPU4 Video) [Ryan Holtz, James Wallace, David Haywood] The Crystal Maze (v1.1) (MPU4 Video) [Ryan Holtz, James Wallace, David Haywood] The Crystal Maze (v0.1, AMLD) (MPU4 Video) [Ryan Holtz, James Wallace, David Haywood] The New Crystal Maze Featuring Ocean Zone (v2.0) (MPU4 Video) [Ryan Holtz, James Wallace, David Haywood] The New Crystal Maze Featuring Ocean Zone (v0.1, AMLD) (MPU4 Video) [Ryan Holtz, James Wallace, David Haywood] The Crystal Maze Team Challenge (v0.8) (MPU4 Video) [Ryan Holtz, James Wallace, David Haywood] The Crystal Maze Team Challenge (v1.2, AMLD) (MPU4 Video) [Ryan Holtz, James Wallace, David Haywood] Adders and Ladders (v2.0) (MPU4 Video) [Ryan Holtz, James Wallace, David Haywood] Strike it Lucky (v0.53) (MPU4 Video) [Ryan Holtz, James Wallace, David Haywood] Prize Space Invaders (BWB INV1, 50p/30p Play, Version 1.2) (MPU4 Video) [Ryan Holtz, James Wallace, David Haywood, Angelo Salese] Tetris Payout (BWB TET1 Version 2.2, set 2) (MPU4 Video) [Ryan Holtz, James Wallace, David Haywood, Angelo Salese] Prize Tetris (BwB) (Showcase) (MPU4 Video) [Ryan Holtz, James Wallace, David Haywood, Angelo Salese] -samcoupe: Fix mode1/2 regression, add savestates [Dirk Best] -centronics: Add SAMDAC device [Dirk Best] -New Working Clone - Cruis'n USA (rev L4.4) [Brian Troha, The Dumping Union] * Correct ROM labels for Cruis'n USA, Cruis'n World & Off Road Challenge. -bus/spectrum/floppyone.cpp, bus/spectrum/sixword.cpp add serial and parallel ports [MetalliC] -start to untangle and split apart and properly identify some mpu4vid sets now that they boot (#6978) [David Haywood] * mpu4vid updates: - Start to untangle and split apart and properly identify some mpu4vid sets now that they boot. There's nothing actually new here, despite it appearing that there are a lot of new clones and new sets, they're just the result of finally being able to identify some things properly, work out what belongs where, and gain a better understand of what is missing - some things were in entirely the wrong drivers, or paired with the incorrect ROMs. [David Haywood] - Tweaks to some MPU4 Video inputs [James Wallace] -imagetek_i4100.cpp: Partially fix flip screen (#6980) [cam900] * imagetek_i4100.cpp: Fix Sprite position, Tilemap offsets, glitches in hyprduel * hyprduel.cpp: Fix sprite delay * metro.cpp: Fix flipped tilemap offset for vmetal -misc work on raidenm + new working machines (zone mini, reactor) (#6964) [David Haywood] * raidenm: misc work on sprites. new WORKING machines -------------------- Zone Mini [Sean Riddle, David Haywood] Reactor 32-in-1 (NTSC) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood] -hiscore.dat: update changed set names [cracyc] New working machines -------------------- CompuChess: The Second Edition [hap, Berger, Achim] New working clones ------------------ Chess Intercontinental Traveler [hap, Berger, Achim] -device.cpp, dimemory.cpp: Correct typos in comments [AJR] new NOT_WORKING machine ----------------------- Yataimura Kingyosukui (4-player, China, Ver 1.000) [Darksoft] -kl5c80a12: Emulate MMU within CPU device [AJR] -by35: correct blbeauty year, add note about empty rom [hap] -okim9810: Modernize logging [AJR] -sigmab98.cpp: Sammy medal game updates [AJR] * Eliminate hack to force starting PC * Switch gocowboy over to KL5C80A12 CPU device with proper MMU emulation -Split the Williams System 11 Background Sound/Music board emulation off the 11C version into a subdevice, so the different mixing resistors used on the System 11C vs 11A/11B versions can be emulated. Switch Williams System 11A over to use the common Williams System 11 Background Sound/Music Board device. Add a device line to the Williams System 11 Background Sound/Music Board device for the incoming /RESET signal and hook it to the various drivers. [Lord Nightmare] -itech8.cpp: Corrected ROM labels for Wheel of Fortune sets. [Brian Troha] -viostorm: added needed mirror to fix a gfx issue [dink/fbneo] -bbc_flop_torch.xml: Added compatibility filters, and corrections. [Nigel Barnes] -bus/bbc/1mhzbus: Added the Torch Hard Disc Pack. [Nigel Barnes] Clones promoted to working -------------------------- Torch CH240 [Nigel Barnes] -xmen6p: fixed some gfx issues [dink/fbneo] -lft_craft: fix single driver compile (file was encoded ANSI instead of UTF8, genie script gave error) [hap] -new WORKING machines (Plug and Play) (#6982) [David Haywood] new WORKING machines -------------------- Guitar Star (Europe, PAL) [David Haywood, Team Europe] Sports and Dance Fit Games Mat D-555 (PAL) [David Haywood, Team Europe] Zone 7-in-1 Sports (PAL) [David Haywood, Team Europe] Xing Wireless Interactive TV Game 'Wi TV Zone' 48-in-1 (Europe, PAL) [David Haywood, Team Europe] new NOT WORKING machines ------------------------ Power Rangers Super Megaforce Hero Portal [David Haywood, Team Europe] -poly88: cleanup; sys9002: experimentation [Robbbert] Machines promoted to working ---------------------------- Jolly Joker (original, interleaved GFX) [Roberto Fresca, Team Europe] Jolly Joker (original, different encoded GFX) [Roberto Fresca, Team Europe] -New original Jolly Joker sets: Added default initialized NVRAM. [Roberto Fresca] -bus/spectrum fix expansion devices chaining [MetalliC] -replace tkmag220 ROM with correct dump [TeamEurope] -jolyjokrp improvements: [Roberto Fresca] * Fixed graphics, remove the MACHINE_IMPERFECT_GRAPHICS flag. * changed game description to "Jolly Joker (original program, interleaved GFX, no logo). -New machines marked as NOT_WORKING (#6970) [ClawGrip] New machines marked as NOT_WORKING ---------------------------------- ProSPDP [jordigahan, ClawGrip] New working machines -------------------- Chess Challenger (model UCC10, 10 levels) [hap, Berger, Achim] -Added netlist-based audio to early Cinematronics vector games (#6979) [Aaron Giles] * Added netlist simulations for the following games: Space War, Barrier, Star Hawk, Speed Freak, Star Castle, War of the Worlds, Sundance, Tail Gunner, Rip Off, Armor Attack, Warrior, Solar Quest, Boxing Bugs. Removed previous samples-based sound. [Aaron Giles, Couriersud] * Added built-in minimal artwork for Warrior. [Aaron Giles] * Changed speaker maximum sample tracking to be based on new compile-time define SPEAKER_TRACK_MAX_SAMPLE instead of MAME_DEBUG. [Aaron Giles] * Modernized 74164 and 74393 netlist TTL devices. [Aaron Giles] -savant: small correction to svg [hap] -galaxy: cleanup [Robbbert] -mw8080bw: spcenctr romlabel corrections from andy [hap] -Revert "savant: small correction to svg" [hap] * This reverts commit 124ae351a9b2262906332b37c06cf512f652e5c0. -misc: use u8 prefix for UTF8 strings, no need for escapes for chars below end of Cyrillic block [hap] -removed some UTF8_ macro usage [hap] -pecom: cleanup [Robbbert] -machine/x68k_kbd.cpp: Modernised Unicode in strings. [Vas Crabb] -bus/mackbd: Added Romanised text for Kana key. [Vas Crabb] -pp01: cleanup [Robbbert] -Overhaul travis.yml in an attempt to speed up macos builds (#6988) [Julian Sikorski] -Switch appveyor GCC build to -O3 (issue 6804) (#6987) [Julian Sikorski] -mw8080bw: improvements to 280zzzap netlist audio (#6984) [Colin Douglas Howell] * mw8080bw: improvements to 280zzzap netlist audio - Noise-based sound effects corrected. The original strength of the zener noise voltage was about three orders of magnitude too low for the current being passed through a zener of this type. This prevented the noise generator from working as designed and made the noise far too weak for the noise-based sound effects to work properly. Those effects now sound much closer to the real hardware. - Implemented faster high-level emulation version of noise generator. (Credit to couriersud for suggesting this.) The corrected noise voltage made the component-level emulation of the noise generator much too demanding on the minimum timestep needed to produce accurate results without unrealistic voltage spikes, and so will not run accurately at reasonable emulation speeds. But by replacing it with a simple but effective AFUNC()-based comparator, we get a functionally similar noise signal generator that produces effectively identical output while still being able to run with 48 kHz static timestepping. So we get both decent emulation speed and correct-sounding noise effects. - Added output voltage clipping on post-crash sound to remove voltage spikes, resulting in a smoother, more accurate sound. (Credit to Aaron Giles for suggesting this clipping method.) - Changed output to be taken from second LM3900 output opamp (inverted signal) for smoother waveform and better tone quality. - Added master volume potentiometer which can be user-set, set to midpoint by default. Adjusted output scaling and offset to match. - Various explanatory comments expanded or corrected. -New machines marked as NOT_WORKING (#6989) [ClawGrip] New machines marked as NOT_WORKING ---------------------------------- Diana Olakoa [Victor Fernandez (City Game), ClawGrip] -Renamed 'Microdar DPD' as 'Diana Bifuca' ('Microdar DPD' is the hardware name, not the game name) [ClawGrip] -Rename 'microdar' as 'dibifuca' [ClawGrip] -Add Microdard-V5 PCB ASCII layout [ClawGrip] -ics2115.cpp: Update envelope behavior, Minor adjusts (#6983) [cam900] -misc: correct "680000" typo [hap] -sigmab98.cpp: Change Sammy medal games to use KL5C80A12 CPU device [AJR] -Update Williams System 11 Background Audio Board documentation and formatting, fix a missing save state entry, and remove a few forgotten dead definitions in s11a.h [Lord Nightmare] -Miscellaneous typo and detail fixes for notes in Williams System 11 BG Audio Board device and WPC Alphanumeric driver. [Lord Nightmare] -New Working Clone - Slap Shot (Ver 3.0 O) [Jorge Silva] -k053260.cpp: Allow side effects [cam900] -bk0010: cleanup [Robbbert] -ssystem3: add chessunit rom [Achim, Berger] -microdar.cpp: Add EEPROM dump to 'prospdp' [jordigahan, ClawGrip] * I was expecting to find the machine model on the EEPROM, but there's just the string "DARTS". -pormat -> promat (nw) [Angelo Salese] -added Hughes HLCD 0438 LCD Driver device [hap] -electron: Use u8 for UTF8 strings. [Nigel Barnes] -bus/bbc/1mhzbus/torchhd: Remove imperfect disk tag. [Nigel Barnes] -torchh: Adjust release year. [Nigel Barnes] New NOT WORKING machines ------------------------ Unga [Robbbert] Anakonda [Robbbert] Kharkovsky [Robbbert] -sigmab98.cpp: Execute enough of the Sammy medal game BIOS to initialize things properly [AJR] -dgpix: profiling says 40% of the time is spend calling describe_context() and not using the result. [O. Galibert] -electron: Use \u notation for utf8 arrows, and remove BOM. [Nigel Barnes] -sys9002: removed no-longer-needed comment [Robbbert] New working clones ------------------ Race Drivin' (compact, prototype) [andynumbers, The Dumping Union] -galaxian.cpp: consolidated sirio2, sirio2a and a third dump in a single correctly dumped set. All three had corrupted ROMs. [Ivan Vangelista] -ssystem3: preliminary i/o for chessunit [hap] -harddriv.cpp: Use hand written labels for the Race Drivin' (compact, prototype) set which shows checksum and build date. [braintro] -New Working Clone - Double Wings (set 2) [Jorge Silva] -Revert "ics2115.cpp: Update envelope behavior, Minor adjusts (#6983)" (#7000) [cam900] * ics2115.cpp: Constant usage, add notes, fix noise in some early PGM games -new NOT WORKING machines (Plug and Play) + improved MPU4 descriptions, splitting, correct utf8 use (#6999) [David Haywood] new NOT WORKING machines ------------------------ Lexibook Console Colour - Minnie Mouse [Team Europe] Lexibook Console Colour - Disney's Planes [Team Europe] -improved descriptions of several mpu4vid sets based on boot information [David Haywood] -Add new option beam_dot_size that controls the rendered size of 'dots' in vector games. (#6993) [Aaron Giles] -gigatron: add DAC (#6977) [Sterophonick] * gigatron: add DAC, clean up, and do a bit of work on port OUTX -pgm.cpp: Use struct for sprites, Use raw parameters for screen (#6971) [cam900] * pgm.cpp: fix timing of intro sequences in some games. * pgm.cpp: Use generic gfx layout for foreground, Move VBlank IRQ into screen_vblank, Reduce duplicates, Add notes -bus/spectrum: add common printer interfaces: ZX Lprint, ZX Lprint III, Kempston Centronics E Interface ('flat' and 'upright' models) [MetalliC] -galaxian:sirio2: added missing ')' as pointed out by MASH. [Robbbert] -Bingor.cpp: Some cleanups, fixes and typos. [Roberto Fresca] New machines marked as NOT_WORKING ---------------------------------- Bingo Roll / Turbo Bingo? [Team Europe, Roberto Fresca] -cinemat.cpp: deleted obsolete comment [Ivan Vangelista] New working clones ------------------ Super Forte (version C, V3.6) [Berger] -Decrease noise level in Space War/Barrier to allow filtering to kick in. [Aaron Giles] -Remove obsolete comment. [Aaron Giles] -electron: Replaced OS/BASIC with clean 32K dump. [robcfg] -electron: Fix ROM loading offsets for split sets. [Nigel Barnes] -render: don't add parent set external artwork if artwork found [hap] -netlist: nld_matrix_solver is now owned by nld_solver. [couriersud] -netlist: fix some clang tidy warnings. [couriersud] -netlist: add cinemat games to sub target nl. [couriersud] -netlist: add frontier documentation [couriersud] -netlist: Rewrote scheduler scheduling. [couriersud] * All solver scheduling is now handled by nld_solver. * Previously, for dynamic timestepping the sub solvers would be responsible for their scheduling themselves. - This prevented any attemps to use parallel execution of solvers. * Now the route is free towards experiments to use parallel execution of solvers. * Uses ptimed_queue_linear in solver scheduling * Improved netlist queue implementation (template now) * Added const delegates. * Added subsolver stats * Removed dead code. -netlist: separate nl_base.h into separate header files. [couriersud] * This clean-up exercise will hopefully make it easier to navigate the core code. Another long term goal is to further straighten the object model. -netlist: Fix clang unused variable warning. [couriersud] -netlist: Fix format string in gcr code. [couriersud] -netlist: include GMRES solver in build. [couriersud] * The GMRES solver for larger matrices (>>100) can outperform Gaussian elimination. Including it so it gets wider attention. * As far as I know netlist is the only SPICE-like circuit simulation providing a GMRES solver. -netlist: document better GMRES options. [couriersud] -netlist: Fix scheduling bug. [couriersud] -netlist: sub solvers now have their own parameter set. [couriersud] * Example: PARAM(Solver.Solver_0.METHOD, "GMRES") * Will use the GMRES solver instead of the default MAT_CR solver. * Same applies to all Solver parameters. * Please use with care. If you change your netlist (e.g. using frontiers) the allocation of nets to solvers and the number of solvers may change. Thus this type of tweaking should only be used after the netlist completely works. New machines marked as NOT_WORKING ---------------------------------- Puzzle Me! [Team Europe, Roberto Fresca] Magic Card - Wien (Sicherheitsversion 1.2) [Team Europe, Roberto Fresca] -8042kbdc.cpp: generate data for mouse only if mouse is enabled Now it is possible to use the nforcepc bios setup without it crashing. [yz70s] New machines marked as NOT_WORKING ---------------------------------- unknown 'TE06' [Team Europe, Roberto Fresca] Lucky 7 (Impera) [Team Europe, Roberto Fresca] New working clones ------------------ Pipi & Bibis / Whoopee!! (Ryouta Kikaku bootleg, decrypted) [jordigahan] -toaplan2.cpp: updated the rest of the ROM labels for pipibibsbl3 [Ivan Vangelista] -kl5c80a12: Internalize internal RAM and clock divider; update notes [AJR] -xmen: use shared_ptr_array [hap] -sigmab98.cpp: Split up driver state class [AJR] -Appveyor msys2 workaround (#7002) [Julian Sikorski] * Work around appveyor not being able to update msys2 * There has been a change to msys2 package maintainers, meaning that the packages are now signed with a different key: https://www.msys2.org/news/#2020-06-29-new-packagers Import the new keys manually until appveyor image is updated with a new msys2-keyring package * Explicitly kill msys2 before the second pacman call -ibm51070 - New working software list additions (#6967) [ArcadeShadow] * Corridor 7: Alien Invasion (demo), Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle (France), Out of this World (USA, 3.5" DD), Out of this World (USA, 5.25" HD), Sam & Max Hit the Road (Germany) -ibm5150 - New working software list additions (#7004) [ArcadeShadow] * Budokan - The Martial Spirit (5.25"), F29 Retaliator, Lakers vs Celtics and the NBA Playoffs (5.25"), Speedball 2 - Brutal Deluxe (USA, 5.25"), Speedball 2 - Brutal Deluxe (Euro, 3.5") -srcclean for 0.223 [Vas Crabb] -montec: fix lockup [hap] * (cherry picked from commit b7edc5e9e7ecf7f8f77e5282c0403bc762b12e0f) -netlist: hopefully fix issue #7006 [couriersud] -debug/debugcmd.cpp: Don't leak an open FILE when an argument is invalid and also fixed a spelling error. [Vas Crabb] * The saver/loadr commands should consider region endianness for portability. -cpu/gigatron: Capitalisation of hex values was inconsistent, change it to lowercase as that tends to be the MAME standard. [Vas Crabb] -machine/exorterm.cpp: Fixed inputs magically changing on reset when they shouldn't (there are still others that should be fixed). [Vas Crabb] -mpu4vid.cpp: Corrected some errors in game descriptions. [Vas Crabb] -Fixed a couple of editing errors. [Vas Crabb]   Note sur MAMEXP: La version officielle de MAME étant compilée avec GCC 9 (ou supérieur), il s'agit d'une version compilée (par St Hiryu) avec GCC 7.2 rendant MAME compatible avec Windows XP SP3. Par ailleurs toutes les versions 32 bits des projets de Robbbert sont à présent compilées par St Hiryu.   Site Officiel En savoir plus...]]> <![CDATA[[Utilitaires Multi-systemes] RomVault v3.1.4]]> 2020-08-06T15:49:33+02:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Consoles portables] SameBoy v0.13.5]]> 2020-08-06T08:31:31+02:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Consoles de salon] bsnes-plus v05.69 WIP (2020/08/04)]]> 2020-08-04T15:35:37+02:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Consoles portables] mGBA v0.8.3]]> 2020-08-04T15:27:23+02:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Consoles de salon] My Nes v7.8.7520]]> 2020-08-04T15:24:42+02:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Consoles portables] VGB v5.7]]> 2020-08-04T15:22:15+02:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Ordi.] Windows95 Emulator v2.2.2]]> 2020-08-04T07:14:35+02:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Utilitaires Multi-systemes] ClrMAME Pro (x86 & x64) v4.038]]> 2020-08-03T17:29:51+02:00 Jets Compressor tabs. So you can now scan e.g. jar files like zip files etc. The alias settings allow multiple values separated by space, so e.g. .cbz .jar .war - added: zip property tab in Settings-Compressor with e.g. zip compression level setting option - misc: use a private use utf8 char for internal set subfolder handling, so all kind of apostrophes '´` in rom/setnames are allowed again and won't be replaced - misc: speedup multi 7z/rar delete opertions by using filelists - misc: updated rar dll - fixed: some zip circular rename operations could kill files     Site Officiel En savoir plus...]]> <![CDATA[[Ordi.] DOSBox-X v0.83.4]]> 2020-08-03T17:26:51+02:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Utilitaires Divers] Wine D3D For Windows v5.14]]> 2020-08-03T17:15:34+02:00 Jets <![CDATA[[www] Robert MAME Binaries v0.223]]> 2020-08-02T17:04:46+02:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Utilitaires Multi-systemes] Spectabis v1.1.2]]> 2020-08-02T17:03:50+02:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Consoles portables] HhugBoy v1.2.8]]> 2020-08-02T09:32:31+02:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Utilitaires Divers] x360ce v4.12.8]]> 2020-08-02T09:14:57+02:00 Jets <![CDATA[[Consoles de salon] Play! 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