Nouvelle version pour ce frontend multi émulateurs et multi tout en fait (peut-être même qu’il fait le café), en voici les améliorations:

– Fixed bug where configuration application would not save or took up to 90 seconds to save on some systems.
– Videos now support m2v files.
– New menu option in Videos to ‘Play All’. Which queues up all videos in the current directory. Suitable for a Star Trek, Buffy, or Bond fest!
– Now supports video snaps for all Emulators and Daphne.
– See: (very cool, especially the daphne ones)
– Animated transition when starting a video.
– New theme included in install courtesy of Antony Firewalk. This theme is currently my personal one of choice, and the start page has an animated background also provided by Antony.
– Antony is busy working on other cool themes. Check the forum for the latest.
– New graphics in GameExSetup.exe

J’ajoute une info:

GameEx 4.06 – Windows Install – 16MB

Soit le double de la version précédente.

Pour cette raison et sachant qu’une nouvelle version apparaît régulièrement, je retire GameEX de la base, une news suffira bien amplement.

EDIT: La 4.07 est déjà disponible (comme toujours, une fix 2h après…)

– Fixes issues with Play All Videos when Create Snaps is hidden
– Fixed issue with Play All Videos when selecing Home or Back from the toolbar
– Fixes issue with Play All Videos after playing last item in list.
– Animated backgrounds now continue to play after playing a DVD

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