Un bon émulateur SNES derrière le duo ZSNES/SNES9X.

– Source: Fixed a flaw that caused problems during linking
– SPC700: Fixed a bug in the timing of timer 2
– SPC700: Fixed a bug in the timing of SPC700 opcode execution
– SPC700: Fixed a bug affecting all of the SPC700 timers, causing the delay needed for cases where the timer target is set previous to the current position to only be applied in all cases where it was not needed
– SPC700: Rewrote entire core, replacing it with a cycle-based core written in C; helps Tales of Phantasia and games by Enix
– SPC700: Corrected timer counter registers to not be reset on write, and corrected most write opcodes to read first, thanks to anomie for research confirming this theory
– Source: Fixed a bug in the makefile that caused ‘make clean’ to not remove the binary

Télécharger SNEeSe (Dos) v0.853 (686,7 Ko)

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