Nouvelle version WIP de FakeNES compilé par Ipher (la précédente datant du 01/11/04) dont voici les changements

* ALL: Added a check for VRAM->VRAM blit hardware acceleration before attempting VRAM page buffering. [Siloh]
* ALL: Improved behavior of VSync and disabled it by default. [Siloh]
* ALL: Changed value of I flag upon reset from CLEARED to SET. (C Core) [Siloh]
* AUD: Massive APU overhaul. [Siloh]
* AUD: Added ability to enable/disable audio interpolation (previously whatever Allegro defaulted to). [Siloh]
* AUD: Audio fixes & improvements and support for OpenAL (currently broken?) [Siloh]
* AUD: Overhauled apu_process* to use 24-bit mixing (+ code clean-up). [Siloh]
* GUI: Fixed a cosmetic selection bug in the Audio > Mixing > Channels menu. [Siloh]
* SRC: Fixed missing alstream.* files. [Siloh]

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