Comme annoncé, une nouvelle version de Visual Boy Advance est disponible. Les changements sont nombreux :

Core changes :

– Semi-transparent objects are now processed correctly when windows enabled
– Battery files now written even after resetting
– 16-bit sound rendering
– Fixed some LDM/STM instructions when running in user/system mode
– Added missing LDM/STM instruction formats
– Div/DivARM BIOS calls work correctly when dividing by 0
– Added sound echo effect
– Added sound low pass filter
– Added reverse stereo support

Gameboy changes :

– Can now edit palette for mono games

Windows changes :

– Added option for not stretching viewing data
– Added automatic update option for all viewers (every frame)
– Added tile viewer
– Added disassembler
– Added accelerator editor: user can configure almost all menu items hotkeys
– Added GDB support (will be improved in the next version)
– Memory viewer can now edit memory
– Fixed autofire for L/R buttons which was inverted
– Fixed dialog keyboard navigation
– Fixed bug in map viewer when viewing mode 2 map
– Files should now be saved to the correct directory when directories not set

SDL changes :

– Fixed autofire for L/R buttons (was not working before)
– Added support for sound quality selection

Les traductions devraient bientot suivre.

Télécharger Visual Boy Advance 1.8.0 Beta 3 / 1.8.0 SVN (1.3 Mo)

Télécharger Visual Boy Advance-H (25/10/2004) (562.8 Ko)

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