Il s’agit de la dernière version du plugin de Rice (basé il y a longtemps sur le code de Daedalus par StrmnNrmn). Il supporte DirectX8 & l’Open-GL.

I have not touched my RiceVideo project for quite a few months. I really do not have time to actively do anything about it. I understand that it has many major/minor problems with different games, but I don´t feel to have the motivation to fix them.

So, I would like to release the source code right here. I don´t think it matters too much to the N64emu community anyway. If someone, somehow could do something with it, or borrow some ideas from it, I will be happy.

Et nous on vous offre la version compilé du plugin, directement utilisable avec les émulateurs.

Télécharger exl100 Alpha 0.8d (2.9 Mo)

En savoir plus…