La NES est a l’honneur en ce moment!
Une nouvelle version de FCE Ultra vient de voir le jour.

What is new:

* Screen snapshots can now be taken while playing an NSF.
* Saving screen snapshots will no longer corrupt the frame buffer.
* Added many more games to the list of games that usually are found
with bad iNES headers.
* The NSF player will now disable the FDS sound channel on song
initialization(fixes a problem with the Zelda no Densetsu
* Reads from $4090 and $4092 while emulating the FDS will now return
the current envelope settings. Affects « Ai Senshi Nicole »
and « Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa », at least.
* Merged a lot of pirate MMC3 multicart emulation code with the main
MMC3 emulation code.
* Added support for the MMC5’s split-screen mode. This fixes the
introduction in « Uchuu Keibitai SDF ».
* Writes to $8000-$FFFF with D7 set during MMC1 emulation will
cause the MMC1 mode register to be OR’d with $C. This fixes
« Robocop 3 ».
* Replaced an MMC1 hack that I used to get « Bill and Ted’s Excellent
Video Game Adventure » to work with something more accurate.
* Fixed the MMC5 read handler to return the data last on the data
bus instead of $FF when a read occured to an unmapped address.
This fixes the lockup problem in « Bandit Kings of Ancient China »
and possibly other games.
* Added support for the game « Ishin no Arashi » in the iNES format
(I added an entry with its CRC32 value and the number of 8KB
WRAM banks it needs into the MMC5 WRAM size table).
* Added support for MMC1 games in the iNES format with 16KB of RAM
via CRC32 comparisons(currently only Genghis Khan(USA), Romance
of the 3 Kingdoms(USA), and Nobunaga’s Ambition(USA and Japan) are
* iNES mapper 1 now supports pageable CHR RAM if CHR ROM is not
present. Fixes « Family School ».
* Added support for iNES mappers 51 and 52. Thanks to Kevin Horton
for the information.
* Modified MMC3(iNES mapper 4/118/119) IRQ counter emulation. Fixes
problems in « MegaMan 3 », « Gun Nac », and the Japanese version of
« Klax », but it *might* cause problems with other games.
* Fixed an iNES mapper 32 emulation bug. « Ai Sensei no Oshiete »
works now.
* Fixed iNES mapper 33/48 IRQ emulation.
* Fixed iNES mapper 16 IRQ emulation.
* Added support for « Famicom Jump 2 » as iNES mapper 153.
If a good(as far as I can tell) dump is loaded, FCE Ultra will
automatically fix the mapper number.
* The VS Unisystem bit in iNES headers is no longer recognized.
Too many games have this bit set when it shouldn’t be set.
Now VS Unisystem games are recognized by CRC32 value.
* Reads from $4015 no longer reset DMC IRQ. This fixes the
title screen of « Romancia ».
* PPU NMI now occurs a few cycles later. Fixes the « BattleToads »
lockup problem.
* BRK emulation now sets the I flag.
* Changed a few zero-page address mode functions to read directly
from emulated RAM.
* Added a new video mode(256×224 at a refresh rate of 103 Hz).
* Increased the refresh rate of video mode 2 to 65 Hz.
* Increased the refresh rate of video mode 3 to 120 Hz.
* Added speed throttling used when sound is disabled, and a
command-line switch to control it.

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