Une nouvelle version de cet excellent manager de roms est disponible. Voici les nouveautées :

– misc: ultra-fast « Looking for unknown sets »
– added: Scanner keeps the last scan results (even if you quit ClrMamePro)
– added « ignore size » option to Dir2Dat
– added: warning for « Set-Zipfile AND Set-Folder Exist In The Same ROM-path »
– added: optional « AutoHide ScanWindow while scanning »
– fixed: some FileSeek operations
– fixed: issue in an recursive-folder-creation routine causing several problems
– fixed: save have/miss list scans even when the filedialog was closed
– misc: show romlist bugs is now a global feature
– misc: only one warningwindow setting for merger/scanner/rebuilder
– misc: started some bigger source cleanup
– misc: ignore systemfiles while scanning/etc.
– misc: linked manifestfile, you can remove the separated one
– misc: minor gui changes
– misc: switched to Microsoft Developer Studio .NET
– misc: compiled with updated ZipArchive Library
– misc: about & dir2dat windowpositions are saved

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