Une nouvelle version de cet émulateur NES est disponible, voici les nouveautées :

– Mouse is hidden in fullscreen
– Fixed a bug that caused $4016 and $4017 to not return correct values, fixes Deadly Towers
– More optimizations and speedups
– Made it impossible to press two opposite arrows at the same time
– Fixed $3000 nametable mirroring
– Changed some things when reading from palette memory, it should now agree to some tests I’ve made on a real NES
– Fixed the B flag logic in the 6502’s status reg
– Added that square quirk as happends when writing the high part of the frequency
– Envelope volume is not resetted when writing envelope speed on square and noise
– NES soundchannles must now be enabled before setting the lengthcounters
– Added option to double sound volume
– Changed the DMC’s PCM replay code, the SMB extra noise has dissappeared
– Added feature to import/export save states
– Added brightness control to the palette editor
– Fixed scanline IRQ counter timings, Jurassic Park titlescreen looks ok
– Increased timing accuarcy on the sprite 0 hit detection, Battle Toads seems to work now
– Mirroring writes to MMC3 is ignored if four different nametables is used, fixes Rad Racer 2

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