Hatari est un émulateur Atari ST et STE tournant sous Linux, BSD, BeOS, Mac OS X et bien d’autres systèmes supportants la librairie SDL, il est basé sur les sources de WinSTon.

– Falcon DSP emulation good enough to improve some few games/demos, e.g.
Virtual City. (most still work better with emulation disabled, though)
– New sound engine that fixes all problems with the old one
– 16-bit stereo sound (instead of 8-bit mono)
– Improved blitter emulation (blitter cycles emulation, blitter interrupt)
– Improved STE support for some video registers (hscroll, linewidth, …)
– Improved printer emulation
– Improved STE microwire emulation
– Improved support for games & demos which are accessing IKBD directly
(including a fake 6301 emulation for the known IKBD programs)
– ACSI emulation fix to get HDDriver working
– Some other minor bugfixes to ST/STe emulation (FDC, MFP, PSG, RS-232)
– Improved MFP emulation
– Improved 68k emulation (move.b Ax,(Ay) and extb.l)
– Fixed bugs in the GEMDOS HD emulation (Pexec() etc.)

– Statusbar and overlay led features
– Screenshots work also in VDI/TT/Falcon mode and are saved as PNGs
– Support for automatic frameskip and pausing emulation
– Support for embedding Hatari window (on X11) and control socket
– Improved memory snapshot function
– Improved the « trace » debug function

Télécharger Hatari (x86) v2.2.1 (3,2 Mo)

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