Tursi vient de sortir une nouvelle version de son émulateur TI 99/4a pour windows.

-Big overhaul in the disk emulation system:
–No longer prefers RAW files – TIFILES or V9T9 only (TIFILES preferred) Raw files are NOT recommended.
–Loads, saves, reads and writes pretty much all file/record types
–Returns correct error codes on disk issues
-Having problems with ARC303 and writing compressed files – uncompressed works, decompression works. (CPU?)
-Added emulation of the IDLE instruction, improved RSET. Note that neither are meant to be used on the 994A
-Added range testing to XOP (0-F)
-Minor cleanup of Program and Workspace pointers
-Implemented 9901 Timer (Very much imperfect, probably very wrong. But Frogger tries to do things now, at least)
-Implemented 9901 VDP and Timer interrupt control
-Do not set the interrupt mask when calling an interrupt (except in console simulator)
-Updated color palette (hey, I’ve used the old one since ’92!! 😉 ). Now uses Raphael’s version.
-Improved VDP 9918A memory access (Popeye works now! Diagnostics checkboard test passes!)

Télécharger Classic99 v399.064a (16.9 Mo)

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