Nouvelle version de cet excellent émulateur de Nintendo NES dont voici les changements:

Common – Bug fixes
-Fixed reported issue 2746924 (md5_asciistr() doesn’t produce correct string)
-made default save slot 0 instead of 1

Improved Sound core/PPU
-Fixed the noise value, it seems that the noise logic was shifting the values to the left by 1 when reloading, but this doesnt work for PAL since one of the PAL reload value is odd, so fix the logic and used the old tables. Revert a stupid CPU ignore logic in PPU. Sorry about that.
-Updated with the correct values for the noise and DMC table,
-Fixed the CPU unofficial opcode ATX, ORing with correct constant $FF instead of $EE, as tested by blargg’s. These fixes passes the IRQ flags test from blargg, and also one more opcode test from blargg’s cpu.nes test.
-Square 1 & square 2 volume controls no longer backwards
-Length counters for APU now correct variables

NewPPU (still experimental, enabled by setting newppu 1 in the config file)
– Added experimental $2004 reading support to play micro machines with (little) shakes, and fixed some timing in the new PPU.
– Added palette reading cases for the new PPU.

– Minor Bug fixes
-Replay movie dialog – Stop movie at frame x feature – fixed off by 1 error on the stop frame number
-Hex Editor – changed ROM values again dsiplay as red, saved in the config as RomFreezeColor
-Fixed bug in memory watch that would make the first watch value drawn in the wrong place if watch file was full
-Debugger – Step type functions now update other dialogs such as ppu, nametable, code/data, trace logger, etc.
– « Disable screen saver » gui option now also diables the monitor powersave
– Recent menus – no longer crash if item no longer exists, instead it ask the user if they want to remove the item from the list
– Sound Config Dialog – When sound is off, all controls are grayed out
– Memory Watch – fixed a regression made in 2.0.1 that broke the Save As menu item
– Memory Watch – save menu item is grayed if file hasn’t changed

– Last save slot used is stored in the config file
– Made fullscreen toggle (Alt+Enter) remappable
– Hex editor – Reverted fixedFontHeight to 13 instead of 14. Gave the option of adjusting the height by modifying RowHeightBorder in the .cfg file
– Hex Editor – allowed the user to customize the color scheme by use of RGB values stored in the .cfg file
– Hex editor – freeze/unfreeze ram addresses now causes the colors to update immediately, but only with groups of addresses highlighted at once (single ones still don’t yet update)
– Hex Editor – Save Rom As… menu option enabled and implemented
– Window caption shows the name of the ROM loaded
– Recent Movie Menu added
– Load Last Movie context menu item added
– Save Movie As… context menu item (for when a movie is loaded in read+write mode)
-Drag & Drop support for all files related to FCEUX including:
-.fcm (autoconverts to .fm2 and begins movie playback)
– Savestates
– Palette files (.pal)
– Commandline – -palette commandline option
– Memory Watch – option to bind to main window, if checked it gives GENS dialog style control, where there is no extra task bar item, and it minimizes when FCEUX is minimized

– added –subtitles
– fixed Four Score movie playback
– added –ripsubs for converting fm2 movie subtitles to an srt file
– Lua is optional again, fixed the real issue
– Lua is NO longer optional, so the SConscripts have been updated to reflect that change. This fixes the mysterious non-working input issue.
– implemented saving/loading a savestate from a specific file on Alt+S/L
– implemented starting an FM2 movie on Alt+R
– added –pauseframe to pause movie playback on frame x
– dropped UTFConverter.c from SDL build
– added hotkey Q for toggling read-only/read+write movie playback

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