Ciro vient de mettre en ligne une nouvelle version du meilleur Frontend pour l’émulateur M.A.M.E., voici les améliorations:


The Big Icons view mode fixed in the last release was not working 100% due to a missing test of game indexes (lower than zero)
When using zipped snapshots and zipped real icons, if a picture / icon was on a sub-folder, EL always returned a Privileged Instruction Error message


The Stereo column is replaced by a Sound column
As of this version, the Sound column will contain three types of sound:
– a blank column for « No Sound »
– Mono
– Stereo
To update your .dat and .fav files, get the utility, available on the downloads page
Updated the FindGame function, who was the « real » responsible for all the access violations on Windows XP, when changing the game filters (All Games, Neo Geo, etc…)
This bug was not related to the sorting routine as I thought, which works perfectly

New Additions

Re-added Check for Missing Real Icons and Check for Unneeded Real Icons options again (fully fixed!) by MAMu_ request

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