Aaron Giles as mit à jour sa page web consacrée a l’émulateur Mame, voici ce qu’il nous indique:

Well, a new month means my bandwidth belt-tightening is over. In the meantime I’ve been trying to get Driver’s Edge up and running but it is baffling me at the moment. I’ve also been playing with the CAGE audio system (used in Primal Rage and T-Mek), and it too is causing me troubles. I’m suspecting there is another bug in the TMS32031 core that’s causing both of these to misbehave; we’ll see. In other news, I’ve managed to track down a War Gods PCB, but still no luck getting ahold of Off Road Challenge. Again, please stay on the lookout for one. Finally, a very nice MAME contributer has offered to send me his Ultimate Tennis PCB, which will hopefully be instrumental in figuring out the graphics system used in the Art & Magic games.

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