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2002-12-11: Zsolt Vasvari added a Donkey Kong Junior bootleg on Galaxian hardware and Stephane Humbert fixed a slight DIP switch error in it.

2002-12-10: Stephane Humbert added another clone to Street Fighter II and fixed the buttons in Sega Commando. Zsolt Vasvari merged Moon Shuttle with the Galaxian driver and cleaned up the graphics banking in it. David Haywood mostly fixed the ROM loading in the Sega ST-V driver but it isn’t otherwise improved.

2002-12-09: Some of Shiriru’s updates concerning the Cave and Toaplan2 drivers were forwarded. Aaron Giles fixed the raster effects in the high score screen in Total Carnage and he removed attribute caching in the core file I/O functions. Zsolt Vasvari added another version of Space Chaser, and Stephane Humbert merged it with some earlier changes. Brad Oliver fixed a minor compiling bug that affected 0.62.

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