Voici une liste de tout ce que Aaron a « à faire » pour cette année 2003:

Core System
convert Windows rendering system to OpenGL/Direct3D (maybe)
extend rendering architecture to scale artwork to screen resolution
add backend for laserdisc video to artwork system
figure out how to do partial updates with mid-screen palette changes

Atari Games
(in progress) finish reverse engineering the ASIC65 chip on Road Riot 4WD and Guardians of the ‘Hood
(in progress) dump GALs to figure out playfield/motion object priority in several later games
(in progress) finish dumping all of my Atari boards for the Atari GALlery
(in progress) hook up CAGE audio system
fix the remaining Primal Rage protection glitches
figure out the protection on T-Mek
figure out the protection on Space Lords
figure out the protection on Moto Frenzy
figure out the protection on Guardians of the ‘Hood
reverse engineer the actual behavior of the SLOOP chip
re-check all 68000 games for missing coin counters or other small bits
fix flickering sprites in Road Blasters
verify timing and behavior side-by-side against my boards
clean up Crystal Castles, Cloak & Dagger, and other early Atari raster drivers
figure out how the growth object system really works and do a pixel-accurate implementation

Other Games
(in progress) get Driver’s Edge up and running
(in progress) integrate some Pac-Man-based hacks that slipped through the cracks
(in progress) write a driver for Lethal Justice and Egg Venture, two of the remaining TMS34010 games
figure out what’s up with Super Rider and get the driver up and running
get the downloadable DCS sound implementation working for War Gods
fix the various DCS sound issues
get Buggy Boy and TX-1 up and running
continue working on a driver for the Atari/Midway Seattle hardware
fix glitches in I-Robot’s polygon generator
add explosions artwork support to Terminator 2
fix remaining graphics glitches in Spy Hunter (do these really exist?)
fix remaining sound issues in Danny Sullivan’s Indy Heat
fix speech dropping out in Victory
implement sound in Sega vector/early raster games
learn enough about analog sound circuits to wire up simulations for older games

Other Stuff ( I Would Like To Do But Probably Will Never Have Time To, So If You Want To Do Anything On This List Don’t Wait For Me!)
get sounds working in Gridlee
get Shrike Avenger fully working
add overlays to black & white games that need them
fix Super Strike Bowling and Dyno-Bop input (a la Slick Shot)
look into Looping speed issues (if no one else has)
clean up a lot of older drivers that need some attention
figure out protection properly in Puyo Puyo 2

En savoir plus…