Nouvelle version de mame32+ dont voici les changements:

– Added IPS (International Patching System) support for hacked/patched/translated ROMs [K&K, BUT]
ips files are placed at mameips[gamename], the external data files define theinfomation needed for a specific game. we’ve collected more than 100 ips in the current version, see IPS page for details. Special thanks to the hackers for these nice modifications.
If you want to create your own ips files, use SnesTool or uCON64. Documentations of ips format is available at ZeroSoft.

– Added French language support (we’ve been waiting so long for a new language, thanks 🙂 [SĂ©bastien LE COCGUEN]
– Updated to MAME32 0.63.1 [Emuman]
– Allow manually assign controller ID [JMAME]
– Added control panel image support, download available at Eldio
– Fixed most compile warnings [BUT]
– Fixed output for the description of statriv2 with -listfull option [BUT]
– Save the state of sorted column in Group view [BUT]
– Tweaked ListView control logic [K&K]
– Updated catver.ini conversion, command.dat, Japanese game list

– Driver updates:
– Fixed pitch [R.Belmont]
– Fixed crash games [Shiriru]
– Fixed raster effect [Shiriru]
change kof2001 262-m1d.bin to 128k crc: 73c1f5b0
– added zupapad (decrypted C, reduced size), sengok3d (decrypted P, C), neonopon [Emuman]
fixed janjans1 [Dexter]
improved sound of firetrk and superbug [DerrickRenaud]

– Bug:
kof2000d only works in Console version

[MAJ] par Eric_Aw, comme vous pouvez le constater cette nouvelle version supporte maintenant le francais, notez que le build I686 n’est plus disponible a cause de bugs lors de la compilation qui n’ont pas Ă©tĂ© rĂ©solu…

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