Après pas mal de mois d’absence, cet émulateur d’Atari 2600 pour Dos revient avec un tas d’améliorations:

– Improved TIA sound system so that games with digitized audio work
– Added saving and loading of game state to the core; X11, SDL, and DOS versions current support saving and loading game state
– Added support for F4 bankswitching method
– Pitfall II DPC sound emulation completed
– Fixed a bug which caused the difficulty switches to operate backwards
– Changed DPC auto-detection to use file size so that Pitfall II mods work
– Modified RIOT timer emulation so that startup values are random
– Added 3F bankswitching auto-detection routine so that homebrews and demos work without a stella.pro entry
– Updated the TIA message boxes so they look a little nicer
– Latest stella.pro file included in distribution
– Added some developer options to the core, and the ability to change game width, height, xstart, ystart, and others while the emulation is running.
– Added ability to switch between NTSC and PAL at runtime, and the ability to save the current properties to a file or to merge the changes into the stella.pro file; X11 and SDL versions supported for now (compile option)
– External sound server for the X11 and SDL versions no longer required, as all sound code is now integrated into the core
– Changed locations of the user’s config files for the X11 and SDL versions; the user’s stellarc file is now located in $HOME/.stella/stellarc, state files are located in $HOME/.stella/state/ and the stella.pro file is ocated in $HOME/.stella/stella.pro
– Changed the way options are supplied on the commandline for the X11 and SDL versions. Now all commandline options take exactly the same arguments as in the INI file.
– Added « -accurate » command line option to choose between accurate (CPU-intensive) timing or less accurate (CPU-friendly) timing to X11 and SDL versions. This is the final version of what was considered experimental timing code in Stella 1.2.
– Added « -sound » command line option to choose which sound backend to use (alsa, oss, sdl) with the X11 and SDL versions.
– Added the developer command line options to the X11 and SDL versions, which are only activated in developer builds: *Dformat, *Dwidth, *Dheight, *Dxstart, *Dystart,
* Dmerge
– Fixed window resize bug in the X11 port
– Added « -nosound » command line option to the DOS port to disable audio
– DOS port supports a « -vsync » option to synchronize emulation with the video blank of the video card
– Changed VGA code in the DOS port to use a 60Hz 320×200 and a 60Hz 320×240 graphics mode
– DOS port has been updated to run better under Windows NT, 2000, and XP.
– There are still issues with the sound, however, it is usable.
– DOS port is using a new Sound Blaster driver created by Matt Conte which supports auto-detection of sound cards.
– DOS port supports a STELLA_HOME environment variable that defines the location of config files.
– In the DOS port the stella.pro file is searched for first in the current working director and then in the $STELLA_HOME directory
– In the DOS port the ROM image is searched for first using the specified path, then in $STELLA_HOME/ROMS, and finally in $STELLA_HOME

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