Nouvelle version du meilleur émulateur Amiga (sortie prévue première quinzaine d’Avril, spécial mad).
Le chef vous propose au menu :

comme plat du jour, les bugs corrigés:

– increased compatibility/display corruption fixes
Future CAPS releases, TerrorPods, Eliminator, Double Dragon 2, Wild Streets, Liverpool, Banshee AGA, Alien Breed 3D, Skeleton Krew…
– audio emulation fixes (noise and random popping)
– input configuration saves autofire settings properly
– crash when creating new CD32 NVRAM-file
– compressed disk images can be write-enabled
– more compatible with newer CDTV extended ROMs
(still no CDROM controller emulation)
– disk emulation fixes (writing freeze, drive type, disk eject/insert,
more compatible disk change detection, writing to multiple drives simultaneously)
– stuck middle button when « Middle Mouse-Button -> ALT-TAB » was enabled
– don’t crash if zlib.dll is missing
– lost mouse input events when using high refresh rate mouse

sinon, à la carte, nos nouveautés :

– compressed state files
– rewritten and more compatible serial port emulation
– more compatible blitter speed in non cycle-exact mode (Spindizzy Worlds, PP Hammer..)
– turbo-floppy speed enables fast writing
– disable screensaver when WinUAE is active
– improved configurable CPU idle-function
– screenshots saved to ScreenShots-directory

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