Bobby Trible vient tout juste de mettre à jour sa page web consacrée aux « Unmamed games »:

– Updated with the MAME Targets Most Wanted protos. Also added/updated Winning Spike, Racing Force, Lethal Enforcers 1/2, Run N Gun, Opa Opa, F15 Strike Eagle/BOTTS, Boogie Wings, Fighter’s History, Night Slashers, Diet GoGo, Touch & Go, Snow Board Champs, Tekken Tag Tournament, Dunk Mania, Hacha Mecha Fighter, Double Wings, Maya, The Deep, Parasol Stars, Lady Frog, Beastorizer, Buccaneers.
– Deleted J-League Soccer V-Shoot because it’s aka V-Shoot.
– Deleted Crash Race – can be chosen via « Japan » region in the dipswitches in Lethal Crash Race (also check out the « No Gangs » screen in the USA mode, never seen that one in any other game).
– Added to « in MAME but not working » – Sundance.
– Added a link to R. Belmont’s WIP page. Added WIP pics of Champion Boxing, Champion Pro Wrestling, Dragon Master, Fantasy Land, Head Panic, Hot Smash, Metal Clash, Prebillian, Rapid Hero, Rotary Fighter, Professor Pac-Man.

And hey all, don’t forget to check out California Extreme in California in July! I think I’ll finally be able to make it this year after 3 years stuck in Japan!

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