Kobarin a rendu publique la version 2.30 de KbMediaPlayer.
Il y a plein de nouveautés, mais là, je vais manger 🙂 (ultra hungry ON)

Allez, je sacrifie un peut de mon temps …. (c’est beau …)
voici les nouveautés, traduction VORC.
Updated in_msx.kpi to the latest (stable) version.
The following fix related to kbflac.kpi:
* Fixed bug that didn’t play monaural data.
The following fix related to kbwv.kpi:
* Updated source code to the latest version (3.97) base.
The following fixes related to kbfmp.kpi/kbpmd.kpi:
* Now they’re are regarded as plugins even if winfmp.dll/pmdwin.dll don’t exist. (It makes setup quicker).
* File size was decreased.
Added AU ring tone voice format (QCP) support. (kbqcp.kpi)
Now files which have MIDI related extensions are opened with internal routine when plugin failed to open those files. (Now PMD format for ring tone is playable even if auPiECE.kpi is installed)
Supported title retrieval for MLD/PMD/SPU.
Movie window was displayed when MPEG/AVI/WMV was sought while playing even at « audio only » setting – fixed.
When plugin returned 0 value to SoundInfo::dwUnitRender, it might not have worked correctly – fixed. (It fixes failed cross-fade of kbmeup.kpi)
Fixed unstable cross-fade (especially from MIDI to Audio).
ID3v2 tag written in UNICODE might not have been retrieved – fixed.

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