Paul Dunn, un des auteurs de SPIN nous propose BASin R5, il ne s’agit pas d’un nouveau projet mais du nouveau nom de SPIN Lite 🙂

Voici les améliorations:

– Added a readonly variables window – this will eventually allow you to edit your variables. Just lets you look at them for now…
– Added Watches – these will evaluate an expression at each statement, and if the user so desires, can halt execution if the expression evaluates to non-zero (ie, A=1 could be used as an expression).
– Included the Log window – and enabled breakpoints to produce a log entry rather than stop program execution. The log entry can be either a literal strig or an expression evaluated when the breakpoint fires.
– Enabled Conditional breakpoints and the Breakpoints editor.
– Enabled the RUN Menu’s commands Run/Step/Next Line/GO TO/RUN TO etc. Not as useful as the Runtime BASIC window’s versions – these operate on lines only, with the exception of single step.
– Added an expression evaluator – guaranteed to arrive at the same answer a spectrum will… with an added bonus that it’s a few decimal places more accurate.
– Supports all Spectrum functions, including such things as screen$ and attr(), and variables are usable too.
– Fixed rather glaring error in the byte order of 5byte small integers.
– Fixed bugs in loading .bas containing tab marks, and a small bug where a « – » sign appears before a bracket. Also, sorted the GOTO button in the runtime BASIC window – it didn’t run programs from statement 1 (inital statement) properly, only from subsequent statements.
– Fixed spelling typos in the parser – seperator is now separator 🙂

Télécharger CD-i Emulator v0.5.3 beta 4 (6,5 Mo)

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