Ce très bon player de son qui combine du multi console (SPC, GYM, NSF) et de l’arcade (hoot) a été mis à jour:
Now IP address to distribute net radio is specifiable. (setting dialog) (Thanx Nikq)
Added change dialog for the title of net radio distribution. (T)
Songs weren’t played via playlist at minimized file selector – fixed. (Thanx CAC)
Next song might not have been played on playlist – fixed. (Thanx CAC)
Timing to move to next song on playlist was strange – fixed.
Now END key is available for reloading when file selector is used.
Fixed glitch at meta data transmission for radio distribution (hopefully). (Thanx Don, Key, OTK, CAC, okuoku)
Changes about cgi correction at modp radio station. (Thanx Nikq, Don)
Certain mod pattern display might have caused crash – fixed.
Implemented easy www server. It allows you to display distribution information etc. at net radio distribution.
Now songs fades out when cross-fade isn’t available.
Uncompressed ZIP file now works without extraction.
Fixed bug in mp3 header retrieval. (FF Fx is retrieved instead of FF)
Pushing Ctrl+Enter at Zip on file selector now adds all playable files to playlist.
Changed FPS display to hexadecimal.
Slightly faster display of graphical spectrum analyzer.
Added proxy support (net radio is now available via LAN).
Downloaded song when mdxonline is used is now saved to local cache (folder: dat/ cache/).
Implemented effect (DJ) mode to Alt-D. Currently RLC resonance (1), echo (2), flanger (3) and scratch (4) are available. It doesn’t fit for actual use.
Headers might have been ignored in case of bad connection at net radio reception – fixed. (Concretely speaking, one second delay is added to wait header)

un petit lien pour se rappeler sa GUI.

mp3/modplayer modp

En savoir plus…