We’re in caught in a time warp, KbMediaPlayer news again..
Kobarin nous sort sa petite mise à jour :
Now other MIDI devices are closed when switching to « Crescend Forte LiveSynth » or « QuickTime Music Synthesizer ».
Under the following situation, starting was delayed and plugin use setting was gone (all became to be use) – fixed.
* some plugins in plugin.dat are deleted.
* plugins which support file extensions with more than 7 bytes (eg. kbwinamp & in_psf.dll) are installed.
Supported minipsf2 title retrieval. (I haven’t found actual data but assumed as the same as psf)
Changed compiling option of kbunarc.dll since some RAR files might have been extracted incorrectly. (Now « Assume alias isn’t used » is disabled)
Minor corrections.

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