Nouvelle release de Clrmame dont voici les améliorations:

– misc: fix missing can add missing biosfiles (note: you may still get a « problem in biosset » message because they are fixed when the scanner reaches the biosset and not while a quick biossetcheck is performed at the start of a scan. The warning should disappear with the next scan/fastscan if the missing file was added.)
– misc: After saving a have/miss list ClrMamePro can optionally view it with the default program (usually a texteditor)
– added: warningswindow->popup menu->delete file:
– misc: ‘missing rom’ also lists SHA1 and MD5 values
– misc: ‘missing bios roms’ also lists the corresponding ‘biosset description’ (mame .70)
– misc: reduced cachesize
– misc: lots of internal checksum changes (much more to come)
– misc: fixdatfiles include wrong sized roms
– misc: rewrote the dupes check. It lists all found dupepaths now.
– misc: removed usual rompath skipping for sets without any problems (game check only). So you can find wrong merged sets in fullmerge mode which may be skipped otherwise.
– fixed: move profile doesn’t convert fastscan and logfile names

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