Le meilleur frontend pour le meilleur player de musique arcade a été mis à jour, donc à ne manquer sous aucun pretexte pour les fans :
Major update to the VU meter drawing routine. Now it works in another thread, which fixes the problem that the meters freezes especially on dual CPU PCs.
The VU meter is now more accurate and updated at 60 fps. (it was 50 fps)
Shorten the time to quit the application.
Added a blend draw option of digits.bmp in the theme definition file (colors.ini).
(DIGIT_BLEND:= OFF| ON, default setting is off)
Fixed a bug that the stop indicator is shown briefly when you change track.
Fixed a bug that the window becomes glitchy if the theme file is not found.
Bridge fixes incorrect year infos from the M1 core of some games below :
stcc -> 1996, phozon -> 1983, liblrabl -> 1983, pacmanij -> 1987
finallap -> 1987, lw3 -> 1992, lockload -> 1994
Rubricating English lists is in progress. (Soundtrack names, SE->SFX etc.)

De même, Fujix précise que les listes ont été mises à jour: 352 listes en anglais maintenant.

Télécharger SSSPSX (CPU Type Interpreter) 0.0.11 (34,1 Ko)

Mame E2J

En savoir plus…