Double release coup sur coup de FCE Ultra v0.95 & 0.96.

FCE Ultra 0.95 :

– Fixed some save state loading bugs, particularly when « high-quality » sound emulation is enabled.
– Tweaked Konami mappers’ IRQ counter emulation.
– Altered NMI, IRQ, and BRK emulation. Fixed games include « Dynamite Bowl » and « Bases Loaded 2 ».
– Added support for mid-scanline background effects, such as those used in « Mother », « Marble Madness », « Pirates! », and « Business Wars ».
– Low/Normal-quality sound emulation now uses 32-bit integers instead of 64-bit integers, resulting in a significant speed boost.
– Decreased the PCM/DMC volume in low/normal-quality sound emulation.
– Low-G-Man(NTSC and PAL versions) are now recognized by CRC32 value, and WRAM will be disabled if they are loaded. A warning/status message will also be printed regarding this issue if one of these games is loaded.
– Cleaned up a bit of code.
– Fixed some NSF player bugs that were causing some rips not to play.

FCE Ultra 0.96 :

– Improved support for the RAMBO-1(mapper 64). « Skull and Crossbones » is now playable.

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