Pas mal d’infos concernant le développement des différents émulateurs disponible en version SDL sur sdlemu :

BoyCott Advance/SDL v0.2.8 R2 (Release : depends on bug submissions) :

* Fixed some porting issues with certain MMX based functions [sdlemu lib];
* Fixed a small configfile bug [sdlemu lib];
* Fixed loading configfile on WIN32 version when it’s not resided in the WINDIR enviroment [sdlemu library];
* Fixed incorrect switches information [BA/SDL];
* Adding a simple ROM file selector from within BoyCott Advance/SDL [BA/SDL];

– Cygne/SDL v0.2 (Release : somewhere in July 2003) :

* Rewrite entire Cygne/SDL core [Cygne/SDL];
* Integrate sdlemu library [Cygne/SDL];

– Handy/SDL v0.90 R1 (Release : depends on Dysfunction’s reply with Handy v0.90 sourcecode) :

* Integrate Handy v0.90 sourcecode [Handy/SDL];
* Integrate sdlemu library code [Handy/SDL];
* (Partial) rewrite of Handy/SDL core for use with the sdlemu library [Handy/SDL];

– NeoPOP/SDL v0.71 R1 (Release : June/July 2003) :

* Begun with porting NeoPOP gfx and key handling to SDL, which works 🙂
* Integrate sdlemu library [NeoPOP/SDL];

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