MedGui Reborn est une interface (Frontend) pour Mednafen sur OS Windows.
– Fixed console music format support
– Added .rsn and .spc support
– Added two new custom dat for .rsn .nsf and .hes file
– Rsn file will be decompress on the fly
– Fixed random clear on recents rom/favourite rom
– Fixed don’t working rom filter in any chase
– Another fix on MDM DATs Maker
– Small fix on Scanning rom function for rom with « [] » char
– Added mp3 option in CUE converter
– MedGui Reborn main form are now full sizable
– Added detection Chipmusic tag for nes, snes, psx and gba
– Added Scan folder on drag & drop
– Added RSN Song List form
– Added « recursive scan » option
– Added vgz, vgm Genesis/Megadrive sound support (the conversion will be performed on the fly by vgmPlay by Michael Stamper)
– Added ModLand Scrape (Chip Tune Downloader)
– Added icon for pccd_fast option


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