Nouvelle release d’UlraHLE 2064, voici les nouveautés :

– Improved patch system (_aprentice_)
– Recoded internal symbol system (_aprentice_)
– Added detection for more oscalls (_aprentice_)
– Improved all current oscalls (_aprentice_)
– Fixed various internal bugs (_aprentice_)
– Fixed possible crash in sound code (_aprentice_)
– Fixed clayfighter 63 1/3, now fully playable (_aprentice_)
– Added another EUR country code to rom browser (_aprentice_)
– Fixed problem where rom browser showed through the game (_aprentice_)
– Fixed problem where debugger flashed inside the game (_aprentice_)
– Resized main window (_aprentice_)
– Fixed bug where the cpu didnt stop in some cases (_aprentice_)
– Optimized cpu interpreter (_aprentice_)
– Optimized opcode recompiler (_aprentice_)
– Added tb’s exception code (_aprentice_)
– Fixed some crashes in directx sound code (tb)
– Recoded cop0 exception routines (tb)
– Fixed sound plugin issue (Dominator)
– Fixed two opcodes in edynarec (Mcleod)

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