Ce projet a été conçu à l’origine pour fournir un remplacement open source à PPJoy. Il s’agit d’un pilote virtuel qui permet d’émuler les manettes et joysticks. L’avantage sur xPadder ou Joytokey est principalement sa gratuité.



– Enhancement: New interface function GetOwnerPid().
This function returns the ID of the process owning a specified vJoy device. You can use this function to:
* Make sure that your process is indeed the owner of a device.
* Get the process that prevents you from acquiring the device and issue an intelligent message to the user.
* Facilitate killing zomby processes that still own a device.

– Enhancement: vJoyList – a utility that lists all vJoy devices and specifies the owner of each device. vJoyList is part of the installation.

– Enhancement: Smoother initialization of a vJoy device. A device is initialized when created, configured or requested to from the API. It retains its position when acquired to prevent a glitch.

– Bug Fix: Initializing discrete POVs to non-default values was incorrectly done.
It is now possible: Discrete POV registry values are now:
* 0x80: North/Forwards
* 0x81: East/Right
* 0x82: South/Backwards
* 0x83: West/Left
* 0x8F: Neutral Point


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