Nouvelle version de RockNES, un excellent émulateur de NES pour DOS dont voici les améliorations:

– Added ability to save the ASM code to a text file;
– Added opcode $89 as double-NOP (asian `Super Donkey Kong` works);
– Added sprite RAM address clearing on frame ending (fixes a few asian games);
– Added frameIRQs, but might be preliminary though (sound in Dragon Quest 2);
– Fixed a minor CPU issue with 2 variables;
– Fixed $4015 register behaviour;
– Fixed triangle channel functionally (Total Recall/Ghostbusters 2);
– Fixed DMC status bit on $4015 reads (Solar Wars/Bomberman 2/Castelian);
– Fixed default video settings (when no config file is found);
– Fixed screenshot saving and changed its format to « game title 000.bmp ».

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