Nouvelle version de PCSX2, le premier émulateur Playsation2 à avoir été disponible, en voici les améliorations:

This release is how we wanted the first pcsx2 release to be. Finally bios is working so many things can happend from now on. Also « Bust a Move » seems to work and other games like Kengo 2 goes much further. All of course is done in LLE now 🙂 .

fix the recompiler bug that made recompiler not to work in pcsx2 0.3
new vu code. VU0 macromode should be perfect now.
new optimaze code for fpu
Rewrote VIF once again
bug fixes to MMI
reorganize recompiler

Improved SIF0,SIF1,SRP1
Added IPU0,IP1 dmas

Added decoding and commands. Some samples are working. NO pss support yet!

improved the IOP stuff.IOP is functional under bios execution 🙂

more WIP in Threads .Much better now
more WIP in padman.

Hardware (lle)

ADDED SPU2 functions. SPU2 is now possible if someone implement a SPU2 plugin.
Changed a bit the GS protocol. Gs plugins need to modificate in order to work with 0.4
SIO2 added .Pads seems to work . Memcard partial functional
CDVD emulation added.
IOP rootcounters fixed
IOP dmas implemented
MFIFO implemented

Fixed elf loader

Télécharger PCSX2 (Français) v0.9.6 (4,9 Mo)

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